Help Oakwood's Teen Club Go To Washington!

The Oakwood Teen Club is Going to Washington D. C. & Needs Our Help!

Oakwood Recreation Center is currently undertaking an effort to send the members of its Teen Club to Washington D.C. this April. The Oakwood Teen Club provides a safe place for our neighborhood kids to do things like homework, read, engage in critical thinking exercises (e.g., essays on the meaning of Veterans Day or the difference between Halloween and Dia de los Muertos), and perform volunteer work. 

Oakwood staff recognized that a trip to Washington D.C. is invaluable and recognized the fact that the members of their Teen Club were missing out on this opportunity. They therefore took the initiative to organize the trip, but to truly make it happen they need community support. 

There is a website for the trip, found at http://theyachtclub.org/events/oakwood/, with details about the Teen Club, the kids, and the tour. Big or small donations to the trip can be made on the website, or by visiting Oakwood, and are tax deductible. Have additional questions about the trip? Please call Lizka Mendoza, Oakwood Recreation Center, Facility Director, directly at (310) 452-7479.


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