District 11 Neighborhood Empowerment Congress to Meet

Several issues are on the agenda for Monday night's meeting, including parking spaces for Expo Line at Venice Boulevard.

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Getty Images

The District 11 Neighborhood Empowerment Congress will hold a meeting Monday night to discuss a variety of issues, including the proposed electronic billboard and the 405 widening project’s ramp closures.

The advisory committee opposes the efforts proposed conversion of traditional billboards to electronic billboards by several billboard companies. The committee argues that such billboards are distracting and hazardous to motorists. Several electronic billboards have been deemed illegal because of safety concerns.

Also on the agenda is motion to create more parking spaces to the Exposition Light Rail Line that connects with the Venice Boulevard bus lines. As of now, there is no equivalent of a park and ride for Westside residents.

The meeting will be held at 7:15 p.m. in room 200 at West L.A. Building, 1645 Corinth Ave.


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