New Venice Storm Drainage System Almost Complete

Rainwater from the Rose Avenue sub-watershed will be cleaned and filtered before heading to the ocean.

Venice Beach pollution will be drastically reduced at the beginning of next year as crews have almost completed the Penmar Park storm drainage system.

The $14 million project, funded by Proposition O that in 2004 set aside $500 million for improvements to the city’s water system, features the largest storage tank in Los Angeles. 

The facility will filter and clean runoff water headed for Venice Beach and includes a diversion structure at Frederick Street and a new pipe that connects the storm drain to the sewer system. 

Rainwater that drains directly to the Pacific at the Rose Avenue drain will be pumped through a filter and into the 2.75-million gallon irrigation tank. It will then head to the Hyperion wastewater treatment plant. Project construction began in February and has impacted traffic on Frederick Street north of Rose Avenue this year.

The project is on target to be completed by early 2013. For more information on the project, please call the project hotline at 213-978-0317.


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