Patch Poll: Coping With Ramp Jam

How are you going to deal with the Wilshire on- and off-ramp closures over the next 90 days?

Just thinking about Ramp Jam is enough to bring on a headache. The 90-day closure of the westbound Wilshire Boulevard on-ramp to the northbound 405 Freeway and the northbound 405 off-ramp to westbound Wilshire Boulevard starts Friday night.

About the only thing that's for sure about the project that will eventually rebuild all of the Wilshire/405 on- and off-ramps is that it's going to make traffic exceedingly ugly for an extended period of time. Then once the ramps are re-built, things should be better.

We can complain about the situation, but that's kind of like complaining about the pain of the necessary surgery we're about to have. Yeah, it hurts, but things will be a lot better once it's healed.

In the same way, we can cope with the hassle and maybe find some better ways of getting around Los Angeles in general.

So we're asking—how are you going to cope with the the closures? Take our poll below or add some other options in the comments box.

ninkey dalton June 23, 2012 at 01:54 AM
I own a Vespa and plan to ride it whenever I can to cross through Westwood from the Westside.
Jared Morgan July 03, 2012 at 10:43 PM
ninkey, that's a great plan to bypass much of the gridlock. How has it been working out?
Don Feinstein July 05, 2012 at 01:31 AM
We live on Barrington near Montana. About a mile from the 405. We've adjusted schedules to avoid daily bumper to bumper gridlock on Barrington. Otherwise can take over half an hour to travel from home to the 405. Biggest fear is having to travel north on Barrington during evening rush hour. That can be an hour from Olympic Blvd. to Montana Blvd. Often park in residential neighborhood a block away -- to avoid waiting to enter the endless Barrington line-up of cars. Learned that when various presidents land up the street from us.


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