Venice Based Punk Band To Release New Album

Check out a video released from their newest album.

Venice-based Punk Rock band Suicidal Tendencies announced it will be releasing its new album on March 26.

“The New Album countdown begins! 13 Years since the last new ST cd, the 13th ST release, 13 new songs, finally out in 2013,” the band states on its website.

Here is the track list in the newest Suicidal Tendencies album “13″ :
01. Shake It Out
02. Smash It!
03. This Ain’t A Celebration
04. God Only Knows Who I Am
05. Make Your Stand
06. Who’s Afraid?
07. Show Some Love…Tear It Down
08. Cyco Style
09. Slam City
10. Till My Last Breath
11. Living The Fight
12. Life… (Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It)
13. This World 

Check out tour dates on the band’s website.


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