VIDEO: Hanukkah Lovin’: A Romantic, Tongue in Cheek Jazzed up Hanukkah Soundtrack

Michelle Citrin, the Jewish, dreadlocked Youtube icon has created a warm, cozy Hanukkah song perfect for frying latkes over a menorah flame.

‘Tis the season of 24/7 holiday music.  And while there are hundreds of Christmas classics to help set the mood of chestnuts roasting on an open fire, the same can’t be said for Hanukkah songs.

However, thanks to Michelle Citrin – Brooklyn’s 5’1’ Jewish and dreadlocked Youtube icon – the singer/songwriter/producer has created Hanukkah Lovin’ a romantic, tongue in cheek music video that offers instant warmth on a cold, wintery night.

Forget the typical Hanukkah songs of your childhood like Dreidel Dreidel and I am a Latke. Here’s a tune for the holiday that is finally geared towards adults. Instaed of chestnuts being roasted on an open fire, it conjures up visions of latkes being fried over a menorah flame.

Citrin became a viral video successes after she first released Rosh Hashanah Girl (a take off on “Obama Girl”); 20 things to do with Matzah and  Call your Zeyde. Each video has received millions of hits on Youtube.  

Of Hanukkah Lovin' Citrin told Patch, “I always dreamed of having a soundtrack for a cold snowy Hanukkah day that you could listen to while snuggling up with loved ones by the glow of flickering candles on the menorah.”

Click on the video link to hear the song.


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