New Deli To Open on Abbot Kinney

Deli should be open in about a month.

A new sandwich shop will replace Glencrest BBQ at 1146 Abbot Kinney Blvd. and should be open by late April.

Glencrest had been in business for about 25 years, and held its farewell party last week.  The new deli, named Belly Up, will serve items like BBQ pork belly, chopped brisket sandwiches and fried pickles.

Glencrest BBQ is one of several restaurants that has recently left Abbot Kinney Boulevard due to the increasing rent – the building was recently sold.  

The rising rents have also recently driven out Jin Patisserie, which will be closing its cafe later this month and will sell through its wholesale warehouse. The pastry shop’s rent is set to increase from $6,000 a month to about $40,000 per month, a figure that owner Kristy Choo said was beyond her means.

Carlos Delrio March 06, 2013 at 02:03 AM
Frazier, I bet that's what was said when you moved into the neighborhood their goes Venice.
carole frick March 06, 2013 at 04:57 PM
rent going from $6,000. to $40,000./month!???? wtf? folks need to get a clue as to what life is all about. lol venice
George March 07, 2013 at 08:52 PM
YES Carole, so true! Poor Kristy Choo and Jin Patisserie-- the whole neighborhood is quite sad about Jin being displaced due to disgusting greed. It will be missed, and I for one will not be supporting the new business that goes in. Any company that can afford $40,000/mth rent for that tiny house without a full kitchen doesn't belong on Abott Kinney, that's just greed at its finest and ripping off some poor sucker which is not what we want in this area. It will also be some huge corporate company selling cheap, stolen ideas made in China, even if hidden behind some trendy food item finely crafted from the softest baby goat's milk and tears of pink-cheeked cherubs. Please help us all while the rich get rich and those of us that live here can't even afford to shop on AK anymore. I'm just completely over the self-indulgence of what is going on over there. Same goes for Belly Up -- let me guess, they will be redesigning the space with rustic wood, concrete, and recycled iron pipe elements for another industrial-chic space with a Southern flair. EXACTLY LIKE EVERY OTHER PLACE ON AK. How about something actually unique for a change instead of trendy rip-offs that are all the same? Ugh. Spare us all.
George March 07, 2013 at 08:55 PM
What happened to healthy food by the way? Why do all these new places think that everyone wants to eat pork and food bathed in grease or bacon? Most everyone I know in Venice eats healthy. Is this to feed the Millenials, do they only eat pig products now so they don't float away from their empiric dreams?
Donald Jarvis March 22, 2013 at 10:51 PM
George you sound upset. I know how you feel. Your broke and can't afford to shop in Venice anymore. And it doesn't look like it is going to get any cheeper here in the near future. Wake up and smell the coffee dude, it time to find another place to live. I have been scoping out other areas that haven't been gentrified yet. It's time dude. We need to move, I can feel your pain.


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