Venice Community Garden to Close End of January

The property is set to go on sale, but organizers did not know it would be this soon.

Courtesy of venicecommunitygarden.com
Courtesy of venicecommunitygarden.com

The Venice Community Garden will close at the end of the month because the property will be put up for sale, the Los Angeles Time reports.

Gardeners learned recently that they have until the end of month to move out, according to the Times.

Organizers knew more than a year ago that the land would go up for sale because of rising real estate prices, but they didn’t know that it would be this soon, according to the Times

There is no ill will toward the owner, Don Novack, who approached the group asking for help to find a buyer that would donate the land to the garden, one of the founders of the Community Garden, Kip Wood, told the Times.

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