The Bicycle Anti Harassment Ordinance

A bicycle anti-harassment ordinance - the first of its kind in this country - will head to the Los Angeles City Council for a vote in the next week or two.

A bicycle anti-harrasment ordinance - the first of its kind in this country - will head to the Los Angeles City Council for a vote in the next week or two. As chair of the Transportation Committee, I spearheaded efforts to move this through the policy making process. My staff collaborated with the City Attorneys office, as well as bike advocates, and wrote a ordinance that will protect the rights of bicyclists in the courtroom. In the video, I explain what this means for the driver of a vehicle.

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commuter July 11, 2011 at 06:56 PM
We need this law nation-wide, not just in the city of Los Angeles.
Steven Goodridge July 11, 2011 at 07:29 PM
While bicyclists are more likely to be victims of such harassment today than users of other travel modes, I respectfully disagree with the concept of creating a law singling out bicyclists as having special victim status. I believe the law should treat all travelers as having an equal right to use the public ways regardless of their travel mode. I don't think a pedestrian, or NEV driver, or Segway rider, or Pontiac Aztek driver is any less deserving of justice or compensation for threats or assaults. I would prefer a law that clarifies the equal rights of road users and identifies uniform procedures for protecting the travel rights of all users against threats, intimidation, and assaults.
Deborah Tallent August 31, 2011 at 03:20 PM
You have established responsibilities of motor vehicles. When are you going to establish the responsibilities of the cyclist? Don’t forget we are navigating 1,000 lbs plus of equipment around cyclists’ who intently ride three and four abreast shutting down lanes of traffic during peak rush hours, ignore traffic signs and signals, and will cross several lanes with no signal in front of cars and motor cycles to position themselves in and left turn lane. The harassment (we call frustration) is not without a base. The law should declare the responsibilities and penalties for both parties in this issue.
B September 03, 2011 at 08:57 AM
What an idiot! This will encourage more fraudulent lawsuits. The bicyclists are already protected by the same traffic laws as autos. Rosendahl even stated in the one instance he knew where an auto chased some bicycles that the driver was punished. However, the bicyclists never get prosecuted when breaking any traffic laws. In the meantime where is the protection of the auto owners when a bicyclist runs into a car and does not have insurance? They should all be forced to purchase insurance.
Nancy September 05, 2011 at 08:18 PM
So one incident of driver rage against cyclists leads to this nonsense? It could actually be an indicator of a greater problem with the cyclists themselves. Agree with a few of the other posters - even just today out driving from Santa Monica to MDR, cyclists don't pay attention to road rules - stop signs, red lights, etc. which can be often the cause or near-cause of their own injuries. Also, is there a law that allows for packs of cyclists to ride five or six (or more) abreast on the road and slow down traffic? This is in itself is a safety issue bc they don't allow for passing (these would be similar to an old person driving very slowly)? What if an emergency vehicle needed to get through, but everyone's packed behind a pack of cyclists? If you're going to protect cyclists, pedestrians should be protected from packs of cyclists; have you ever been caught in the middle of a passing pack of these jerks (not on even on a bike path)? They don't see anything else but their pack - and it is this pack mentality that has to be addressed. Honestly, the best solution is probably to provide better and more separate bike paths; these roads were not built for weekend warrior "Tour de France" pretenders to rudely hog and disrupt the rest of the world. The leisure biker we're not talking about here.


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