'King Tides' Expected, No Warnings Issued

An extremely high tide is forecasted in the next few days in the Santa Monica Bay and across California

Some of the highest tides of the year will hit California shores this week, providing a preview of what the coastline may look normally in the future with expected rising sea levels.

The “King Tide” is forecasted for Wednesday through Friday and predicted to peak just above 7 feet in the Santa Monica Bay, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. Thus far, no special warnings have been issued and officials do not predict flooding. 

King Tides arrive between two and four times a year. The next ones are forecasted for Jan. 9-11 and Feb. 7-9, 2013.

Californiakingtides.org is a nonprofit that encourages people to upload photos of high tides and coastal flooding. The tides give people a glimpse into what the future may hold for California as sea levels could rise as much as 6.6 feet. Statewide, 3.5 million Californians live within three feet of seal level. 

A storm is also expected to hit the area starting Wednesday afternoon, lasting through Friday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. Thunderstorm are expected Thursday, and a half inch of rain is possible. Snow levels are expected at 3,500 feet and the Grapevine, Route 14 near Acton and I-15 of Cajon Pass and I-8 east of Alpine may be affected.  

Tides predicted at NOAA Santa Monica Station

Date Time Prediction Tide Low/High 12/12 2:47 PM -1.63 L 12/12 9:12 PM 4.13 H


1:59 AM 1.7 L 12/13 8:19 AM 7.19 H 12/13 3:33 PM -1.75 L 12/13 10:00 PM 4.21 H 12/14 2:48 AM 1.74 L 12/14 9:06 AM 7.04 H 12/14 4:18 PM -1.63 L 12/14 10:49 PM 4.26 H 12/15 3:40 AM 1.84 L 12/15 9:53 AM 6.64 H 12/15 5:05 PM -1.3 L 12/15 11:39 PM 4.3 H 12/16 4:37 AM 1.98 L 12/16 10:43 AM 6.03 H 12/16 5:52 PM -0.81 L 12/17 12:33 AM 4.35 H 12/17 5:42 AM 2.14 L 12/17 11:37 AM 5.26 H 12/17 6:41 PM -0.23 L 12/18 1:30 AM 4.44 H 12/18 7:01 AM 2.22 L 12/18 12:40 PM 4.44 H 12/18 7:31 PM 0.38 L


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