Can Neighbors Impacted by SMO Unite?

The question will be the focus of a community meeting later this April.

Can neighbors impacted by Santa Monica Airport (SMO) unite?

This question will be the focus of a community meeting later this April.

Bringing the concerns of all SMO neighbors (north, south, east, and west) into one room for discussion is, I believe, very important. Logically, SMO impacts on the community vary depending on location. One area may experience incessant overhead noise from flight-school piston aircraft, while another area is bothered by toxic jet blast. It's time and timely to put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together. Who can better delineate the community concerns than community members themselves?

This meeting will not be a public forum, but rather open to those SMO neighbors who are concerned about how SMO's aviation operations affect their well being. Representatives from each and every neighborhood and community group dealing with SMO issues are of particular importance.

I have been involved with SMO-related issues since the mid to late 1990's. Making headway has been like climbing a mountain; steep enough that without a computer it would have been extremely difficult to get off the ground. In the summer of 2003 my wife and I founded Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution (CRAAP) along with CRAAP's website, www.jetairpollution.com, to address community concerns about air pollution, noise pollution, and safety concerns regionally.

How effective we are is up to the collective efforts of all of us. The investment of time does not have to be great, and if we invest our time and efforts wisely, the returns can be enormous.

For information about the kick-off meeting (by confirmed invitation only), contact me via email at jetairpollution@earthlink.net.    

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Mike April 13, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Yawn? Really PB? This issue directly affects the health and well-being of thousands of local residents. I can appreciate a pro-aviation viewpoint, but don't belittle this effort. I believe the surrounding communities will come together and those voices will have a significant impact.
natalie mcadams April 13, 2012 at 09:50 PM
Well the comments of detractors like PB just make the rest of us more determined to fight so I say keep up the good work, PB. Activists fought Heathrow and were successful in fighting against having another runway installed. While regulating emissions is a worthy goal, what would be better than regulating emissions would be to set a minimum distance between homes and airport operations. Since we have homes less than a hundred feet from SMO, that will be impossible here so this airport will have to go. That is not the case with LAX b/c the city bought up all of the homes in the flight path. Why b/c it was DANGEROUS for them to be there both in terms of a crash and in terms of toxic pollution. It is time for Santa Monica to get on the bandwagon. And why don't they? b/c for the most part they have been able to shift all the toxins to West LA. They have been less successful with the noise and the lead from prop planes that does affect Santa Monica residents and I applaud all the SM residents that are fighting SMO. I attended a visioning workshop with about 15 other people and all but 2 were SM residents and 100% of the attendees wanted an airport closure. The residents of the governing city don't want the airport; the neighbors don't want the airport; and the LAX control tower says SMO is not a reliever airport for LAX, then why should we accommodate the 1% of the wealthy who want the airport to remain. I don't think anyone's health should be compromised for those interests!
Concerned Citizen April 16, 2012 at 04:12 PM
I'll be there! Activities like this can only help make Santa Monica and surrounding neighborhoods a better place to live! What is PB afraid of it's just a discussion of concerned citizens. Knowledge is power, is it that the airport is afraid of the real truth of what we're living with getting out. Just because an airport has existed for a long time doesn't mean it should continue. SMO in it's current form is a negative for Santa Monica and it's neighbors.
Richard B April 17, 2012 at 01:40 AM
All I can say is this evening after work while trying to relax in my OWN backyard 15 LOUD and stinky jets took off from the airport within an hours time? We had to stop our conversations every time. The stress with the loud planes is enough to drive one crazy. This is unfair and and makes this airport a unfriendly neighbor. It is just getting worse and the pilots and airport and the city do nothing! The airport has outlived it's welcome and needs to close !
Richard B May 02, 2012 at 01:54 AM
PB I hardly call concerned neighbors "rabble rousers "? Its called being involved in your city and having an opinion on ones health and well being issues. Go fly your jet somewhere else, and perhaps join your fellow pilots on always spinning this as a "airport first" BS. Yawn you are a bitter old man and seem to have a real problem with people actually living here and experiencing the airport in all it's stinky toxic glory. YAwn


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