$5000 reward for information leading to arrest of vandals

 There is a very small group of Venice beach surfer who are known about town as being LOCALS that surf by the Venice beach pier most days. And this group of locals (that term is used with disdain and dishonors  all real surfers,  and will hence forth be used as a derogatory term), persist in hassling and attempting to intimidate other surfers who come to Venice pier to surf. Mind you these are 30,40,50 year olds Though they may have been raised in Venice They never surfed the pier until the last 10 years prior to that it was Bicknell st, POV,  or Ocean Park. Now they try to claim the Venice pier with an  angry localism mentality  as if they have been surfing there for a hundred years or like the Hawaiians who had their land and heritage taken away from them. With their strength in number and gang mentality they verbally abuse and threaten other surfer in the lineup, vandalize cars and steal property form the beach. And local law enforcement, beaches and harbors and life guards inability or lack of concern to do anything about this group and the laid back non-confrontational attitudes of real surfers only emboldens this group of what can only be describes as small minded losers. Who haven’t realized that dog town is dead, the 70’s are over and the beach doesn’t belong to them. It’s like a 3 year old playing in the sand box thinking that it is all his until one day other kids start playing in the box and then the temper tantrum ensues. Or more accurately a has been or never was in its lashing out in its death throes.   And just like little kids with a bully’s mentality, they only harass when they have their friends around to show off for, by themselves they cower and sulk by and their true meek personal is revealed.   This is further revealed by their lack of balls to fight for what they think is theirs, I could respect someone who is willing to fight and go to jail for something they believe in, but to vandalize some ones car or steal their property, or verbally abuse is the sign of a coward and I have no respect for cowards.  The worst part about them is that they are teaching their children that is the way you act. I have personally witnessed 11, 12, 13 year old kid trying to stare down grown men, call them kooks ( derogatory  term meaning bad or beginning surfer), and drop in on their waves( which means steal their wave). This goes against everything surfing is supposed to be. The funny thing is, that the very few people who are local icons and would have any room to be *A* holes, are actually okay, they don’t go out of their way to be nice, but let’s face it that’s not a requirement in life, but at least they are not overt dicks.


I’ve documented each occasion however the  police  can only help if you have a video or the person confess to them, the lifeguard don’t want to get involved because they have to see these guys every day and one of the locals is a lifeguard and  just like cops don’t want to tell on cops, same mentality.  And beaches and Harbors are to far removed from the situation and have no power to combat it.


 I run a local surf lesson business in the area, Kapowui Surf Club In the beginning I attempted to make an effort and be overly nice, showing respect to locals letting them take the best waves, not dropping in on them, not saying anything when they dropped in on me, not doing lessons where they surf, telling all of my lessons to respect the locals and surf somewhere else until they became better surfers.  I later realized this was the wrong approach, this only emboldened them to do it more. Bullies only pick on someone whom they think is weaker then themselves. However once I started to getting threatened, told I wasn’t allowed to conduct business at THEIR beach,  my clients  being threatened and verbally abused, my cars being vandalized, I changed my attitude toward them and my tactics. No longer taking their abuse verbal abuse I gave it right back to them, which blew their minds. How dare one person stand up to all of us and expose us for the wussies we are,  whhaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 …………     I refuse to cower down and be run off, you I’m an alpha so you only have 4 options as for as I’m concerned ,  #1 continue your lame loser cowardly acts and perpetuate your own self misery #2 accept that times have changed and learn how to share,  #3 leave, #4 kill me. Because the only way you are getting me to leave Venice is in a body bag and I’ll make sure mine is not the only one.



At one time I was hoping to eventually make friends with your group but now that I know how you are I would never want to be associated with such group of douches.



If you taught your children how to respect other people, share, and fair play maybe one day if they become good enough surfers they would have a chance on the pro tour. But if they show up with the attitudes you are teaching them they will be weeded out like every other “A” hole has been no matter how good they were.  And at the very least you would be raising thoughtful fair citizen’s not self-centered brat with a chip on their shoulders who will go nowhere in life, just like you.


What you don’t realize is the more you hassle me the happier I become, because I know I’m winning. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for you to have been emasculated by me and to realize you have no power at all. Let’s see I run a successful business at 3 locations in  Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica and Venice beach hire 5+ local instructors each year and pay salaries and taxes for them, I spend 10s of thousands on marketing with local business, I  purchasing equipment and supplies at local business,

 I bring in tourist dollars, after lessons they stay and eat at local restaurants shop at local business, I pay the city for fees, licenses, and permits. So all told I probably generate a half a million or more for the local economy each year. Google a multibillion dollar international company picked my company to showcase. They even shot a commercial of my company in Venice beach bringing in countless dollars for the city with fees and permits. This international commercial  will make my company grown and stimulate even more local business and tax dollars, I bring happiness and joy to people’s lives, I perpetuate the California iconic lifestyle with my 2 classic VW buses that i use for my business (the ones you vandalize ).  This is what I’ve accomplished here in less than 3 years and you  have been here 40 + years and what have you done other than claim something that doesn’t belong to you and maybe pay for your parking meter.  You are everything that’s wrong with surfing magnified and personified.


 Why don’t you take this time for an intellectual rebuttal I know you can write since you did so well with your key on my cars, its okay if you can’t spell, use auto correct.  I understand why you are jealous of my success, my style, my aura, all the things that you desire so fervently and will never have come so easy to me with no ego attached.


I suggest all new and experienced surfers surf right by the pier until these guys learn they don’t own the ocean. Ignoring a roach infestation and just hoping it will go away is the wrong approach. Stop letting bad behavior go unpunished. So to all visiting surfers, tourist, and local residents who are tired of these punks, if you see any of the fore mentioned, start filing reports with the police, call your city council, beaches and harbors representatives, captain of the lifeguards, take photos and videos of any vandalism, theft, or harassment…..


BTW I’m offering $5000 to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and convictions of whoever vandalized my VW bus. 


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