Corrupt Congress 33rd Election!!! LA SLIMES!!

JFK On the Trail of the Assassins, a must read!!
JFK On the Trail of the Assassins, a must read!!
Pay attention, this is really happening in your city.
The LA Slimes Gean Merlcrap, who writes all the LA Slimes bs is clearly trying to shape the election by spining up the money candidates and spining down the independant candidates. everything is based on money and the LA SLIMES is making sure the WORST candidates who take the MOST special interest money get in. That would be Wendy Cruel, who took more special interest money in the LA mayoral election than anyone. And Ted Leiuser who voted to TRIPLE you car tax. Both candidates are so on the take so watch out, their commercials are coming to BRAINWASH YOU, don't let em, your smarter than that. Also, these debates like the Brentwood debate, supposedly public, and the Torrence forum were also completely rigged. It was advertised as a PUBLIC event. But what the LEAGUE of woman ELECTION RIGGERS did was keep the entire public out and only candidates, media and vips made it into the tiniest of venues. Even one of the candidates Vince Flaherty almost didn't get in and was clearly flusted by the experience by the time he spoke.  It's too bad, he's an awesome candidate.  It was clear to all that the mainstream media was the only way the public would see this Torrence forum. And Scumbag Jeanny Smerl of the LA SLIMES did the dirty deed again and spun the forum like only a total scum of the earth, mainstream media puppet could do, spin. Thank you Jeans for your LA SLIMES articles of spin on this race,  hope your getting paid well for it too, you suck!..
Also, the VNC discriminates against the undocumented. Scumbag Ivan Beagaluser seems to think the VNC shouldn't have at least one little ity bity seat for immigrants, homeless, vets and others who can't find their id's. Linda "Sucks" Lucks allowed it to happen and never said a word to save one seat for the homeless. We understand Linda is censoring her online media machine for the vnc election. Looks like LSL old cronnies made it in. No doubt Mike Newhouse, a well respected atty, will correct this atrocity in Venice. It would be nice if the Venice Beachhead would chime in on this issue. Disenfranchisement is UNCOOL Venetians, lets do something about it or take the heat for being discrimators!


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