Many Shades of Green Activism

Ready to become an environmental activist? Mar Vista offers opportunities to suit every lifestyle and comfort level.

If you read the paper, watch the news or surf the Internet, you know that global warming, decreasing resources and a toxic environment are wreaking havoc on our planet. Learning about these threats to our safety and well-being triggers the urge for many people to take action. 

We are wired to act in the face of danger. This response mechanism has helped us  survive and evolve as a species. Taking action also serves as an antidote to anxiety and feelings of helplessness about the future. 

If you are feeling worried about the environment, and unsure what you can do about it, there are a wide variety of local green activism options for every commitment level and lifestyle.

Not a Second to Spare?  

Start with “Green Mindfulness.” Consider the environmental impact of your daily consumption choices. Change your habits by slowing down and being more aware of your actions.

Before getting into your car consider walking to your destination or combining several trips into one. Before purchasing non-essentials ask yourself,  “Do I really need this?” Consider how hungry you are before putting food on your plate. Use water and electricity in a conscious way.

Got 10 Minutes a Day?

Subscribe to an environmental online newsletter to stay connected and informed. Former Mar Vista Community Council member Andy Shrader's Green Machine is a valuable resource for those who want to stay on top of the latest legislation and get accurate environmental data. If Green Machine is the main course, Your Daily Thread could be the dessert. For those who want to get a dose of fun with their green activism, YDT delivers the latest info on green living with style. 

Have a Few Hours Per Month?

Volunteer with an organization that piques your interest. The Mar Vista Green Committee does amazing local work and has a wide variety of opportunities. Help out at its "Green Tent" located in the midst of the . Attend its meetings, held the third Thursday of the month at  or help to organize the Fourth Annual .

Got a green thumb or just love kids? Several local schools have school gardening programs and would love your help. , l and have organized systems in place to guide you as you learn the ropes.

If you feel you are ready for the next big green step, sign up for a Green Living Workshop through Sustainable Works. Currently offering six-week workshops in Santa Monica, Sustainable Works will soon be coming to Mar Vista.

And when you choose your green activities, double your fun and bring a friend!

Jeanne Kuntz combines sustainable living with health and wellness. Learn more about successful behavior change on her website TeachingWellness.com

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