New Vendor Features Organic Micro-Greens for Mar Vista

Silver Lake Farms offers exotic micro-greens to Mar Vista residents.

Silver Lake Farms, famous for its urban-farmed flower operation, is venturing into micro-greens to the delight of Sunday Mar Vista Farmers’ Market shoppers. As an off-shoot of the flower business (pun intended) Silver Lake Farms is now providing exotic and nutritious micro-greens to customers during times when flowers are less abundant.

Adam Rusk, who staffs the new booth, gave a tour of the different greens on sale. First up, China Rose and All-purple radishes. Both offer a colorful flavor punch when sprinkled on top of salads and side dishes. The arugula micro-greens are packed with flavor in small bites. Next up, yellow pac choy, with its wasabi flavor finish; throw that on Asian dishes or wrap a handful into nori rolls.

Red Sreaks mizuna is an unusual mustard green that adds color and buttery, mild mustard flavor to any dish. For something more traditional, try Red Giant micro-greens. Silver Lake Farms also offers micro versions of basil and cilantro for your Italian and south of the border dishes.

Micro-greens are sold in a growing medium of worm castings and coconut coir, so you can harvest the greens as needed. Bring back the container to recycle, or plant it with your own greens afterward. Grab a basket for $5 each.

Tara Kolla, Silver Lake Farms' founder, plans to offer mushrooms and edible flowers in addition to micro-greens to sustain business through the fall and winter seasons. The farm is doing trials with oyster and king stropharia mushrooms so far, and the results are “exciting,” Rusk hints with a smile.

In addition to flowers, micro-greens and mushroom, Silver Lake Farms sells home-grown loofah sponges. Use them in the kitchen or the shower. Rusk says they last for several months and “they keep getting softer and softer. And once you’re finished with them, you can just toss them in the compost bin.” Pick up a small loofah for $5 or a large for $10.

For a stylish addition to any holiday hostess gift, show up at the door with one of Silver Lake Farms’ custom made milk-jug holders. They were originally designed to transport flowers, but they happen to be just the right size to hold several bottles of wine.  Add a bouquet of organically grown chrysanthemums for $10 and you’re good to go.

Visit SilverLakeFarms.com or follow Tara and company on Facebook and Twitter.  


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