'One Beach' Poster Appears on Windward

A promotion for a new movie features 18,000 pieces of trash.

In the heart of Venice the mounting of a movie poster drew a crowd and multiple cameras Thursday.

The poster is made from 18,000 pieces of trash, picked up from local beaches, then individually assembled and glued onto a building on the south side of Windward Avenue. 

The poster is to promote the film One Beach, which is directed by surfer Jason Baffa and examines a problem that affects all of us in Venice: the proliferation of beach trash. This summer, Baffa filmed six people who decided to step up and do something about the issue, including Judith and Richard Lang who for the past 11 years have cleaned the same 1,000 yard stretch of California’s Kehoe Beach. Four other beach cleaners were also highlighted. Expect their stories teased out over the next three weeks on the film sponsor Barefoot Wine's Facebook page, where the film itself will debut Sept. 20.

If you want to get involved locally, you can plunge in and help with Heal the Bay's local Coastal Cleanup Day Sept. 17. In the meantime, drop by the poster on Windward for a look. You’ll be taken aback by the variety of trash that floods our local beaches. 

Steve September 02, 2011 at 03:01 PM
Just in time for trash the beach weekend coming up. Thanks to those who care enough to pick up other peoples trash. It sets a good example and when I see them, I do it to.
Jeffrey Solomon September 03, 2011 at 02:01 AM
Hidden trash are buried cigarettes that make it to the sea. Hopefully there will be sifters of some kind to capture them. Also, Venice is a non-smoking beach and yet there seems to be no way to enforce this. Possibly, recommending that a verbal report could be mentioned to the lifeguard from the opposite side of the lifeguard tower than the infraction. The police patrol in vehicles and they could take it from there. Please send me your response to my recommendations. fandjeff@ca.rr.com


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