The Dairy Goddess comes to Mar Vista

A new vendor at the Mar Vista Farmers’ Market brings heavenly dairy products.

If you visited the on its 6th anniversary, you may have noticed that there is a new goddess in town: Dairy Goddess Farmstead Cheese.  Offering creamy fromage blanc, and delicious milk and hard cheeses, Dairy Goddess is headed for a breakfast nook near you.

In 2010, Barbara (Bobby) Martin and her husband, both third generation dairy farmers, made the leap to fulfill a lifelong dream in cheese making.  Martin began production only two years ago, but is already selling products in three farmers’ markets in Los Angeles.

Located in Lamore, CA of the San Joaquin Valley, Dairy Goddess cows are well treated even though they live in corrals. They eat organic kale, almonds, beet greens, root vegetables, and whatever else is growing on the farm. “It’s creamier [than raw milk] because of the protein complexes that we feed them,” says Matthew, the energetic Dairy Goddess representative manning the booth.

What do they offer?  Let’s start with the fromage blanc, their tasty spreadable creamy cheese. According to Matthew, it has the “versatility of cream cheese with a flavor that is nothing like it.”  They offer a plain variety, called Naked, and an assortment of flavors to tempt any palate: Central Coast, which is infused with dill—I tried that one and loved it. Azoroes has roasted red pepper with parsley, Rosarito has a blend of Mexican seasonings with jalapeños, and The Valley conbines peaches, almonds and honey for a delicious treat. Dairy Goddess rounds out its selection with the appropriately named Heaven, a chocolate and hazelnut spread that is perfect for toast or pound cake.

While this cheese is incredibly creamy and contains a healthy amount of fat, each tub has only 120 calories in total.  Matthew the vendor expertly explained why we, as consumers, want fat in our dairy products. “The benefit of drinking a pasteurized milk product is in its fat. It is collagen building, it’s brain building, it’s skin building. It’s a superfood, really. And when you ferment that milk product, it turns into a high fat protein, which is very, very healthy for you.”

Dairy Goddess’s chocolate milk is made by pasteurizing the product with the chocolate in it already, so it’s blended completely. Since they don’t homogenize, it is a cream-top product. Dairy Goddess sells whole, plain milk in half gallons for $6 each, and various sizes of chocolate milk: $2.00 for an 8 oz. bottle,   $5 per quart, and $8 for a half gallon. The milk is pasteurized, heated to 145 degrees for 30 minutes, but maintains many probiotic properties.

If you need a little spice in your life, try their Chipotle Jack hard cheese.  It’s been aged 90 days and is spicy and well-balanced for $7 a chunk.

Goddesses of all ages will enjoy Dairy Goddess’s milk bath, which is made from the bi-products of the pasteurizing process.  Some of the cream comes out of the product and is used to make the milk bath.  Take home a jar and soak in it this weekend while contemplating some creamy fromage blanc on toast.

Diary Goddess offers all varieties of fromage blanc for $6 per tub, 2 for $10 or 3 for $12. And for all those with lactose intolerance, you’ll be happy to know that these products don’t contain any lactose. So stop by the Dairy Goddess this Sunday and try one of the six fantastic flavors of creamy fromage blanc.


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