Bicyclist Goes Berserk After Car Hits Him

The driver of the car reportedly was afraid of the man whose behavior became quite unseemly.

Santa Monica police tracked down a Venice bicyclist whose behavior after being hit by a car scared the driver of that vehicle.
Santa Monica police tracked down a Venice bicyclist whose behavior after being hit by a car scared the driver of that vehicle.

A bike ride turned ugly when a 21-year-old Venice man was arrested for alleged acts of vandalism, assault, and battery after he was hit by a car in November, according to the Santa Monica Mirror.

Santa Monica police made the arrest in the 100 block of Pacific Avenue, a distance from the intersection of Ocean and Pacific avenues where the incident occurred.

The Venice bicyclist reportedly climbed on the car that hit him and began the behavior that got him arrested.

Read the full report on the Santa Monica Mirror here.

Odysseus Bostick December 09, 2013 at 09:50 AM
This "article" is a sad example of bias reporting and sloppy journalism. I realize you're just aggregating content from other websites, but you really slant the article when you only quote the motorist who was "scared". What about the bicyclist? Do you think it's possible that the bicyclist was also a little scared when the motorist apparently didn't use a turn signal and hit the bicyclist? Do you think the erratic behavior of the bicyclist after getting hit by a car was possibly related to fear and frustration of previous encounters with cars or a history of police bias against bicyclists? You have an obligation to present both perspectives of this story or you only substantiate a dangerous social bias against cyclists. It's insane that the cyclist is the only one getting cited for this incident - where is your investigation of that? Does the Patch intend to be a source for quality, hyper local journalism or is it really just a link site?
Beth Allyn December 09, 2013 at 11:36 AM
Thank you Odysseus for speaking up. Patch is biased as are most motor vehicle drivers, they all blame bikes for all the traffic woes. May I suggest to all who think that the biker was solely at fault get your bum on a bike and see what it is like to ride with cars, I can tell you you will get the sh*t scared out of you when you realize how dangerous it is and remember it just ain't bikers that are in danger, pedestrians on the street, kids playing in front of their house, the dog who gets loose. .
WakeUpSmellTheCoffee December 09, 2013 at 01:40 PM
Well, here's what the SM Mirror reported: http://www.smmirror.com/articles/News/Venice-Bicyclist-Arrested-In-Santa-Monica-After-Jumping-Up--Down-On-Top-Of-Car/38884 If you are reading the Patch for objective and in depth journalism, you are sadly misguided. If you think cyclists are unfairly vilified and mistreated, just write a "news article" for the Patch and join the ranks of the "fair and balanced" views on this site. The Patch seems to publish almost anything, without regard to source or authority.
WakeUpSmellTheCoffee December 09, 2013 at 02:05 PM
p.s. I'm not slamming the Patch. The Patch isn't supposed to be the New York Times. Claiming reporting "bias" misses the point of the Patch entirely.
Harry Chauncy December 09, 2013 at 03:26 PM
I am mystified by the comments. Apparently the driver was careless. I'm a good driver (and a cyclist) and have made similar errors. Even if one assumed the driver purposely drove into the cyclist, how is is it defensible to reply with a violent assault?
Odysseus Bostick December 09, 2013 at 04:04 PM
@Harry Chauncy - To clarify, I'm shocked that the driver didn't get a citation for hitting the cyclist in addition to the cyclist getting arrested and the lack of any clear action taken against the driver by the police officer is the reason we have a hit and run epidemic throughout LA County. To answer your question, it's not defensible to assault anyone. But, leading a story with a cyclist going berserk against a "scared" driver really exacerbates a dangerous bias against the concept that cars must share the road.
WakeUpSmellTheCoffee December 10, 2013 at 12:38 PM
@ Harry Chauncy, I can only assume that the other commentors are reacting to the reported "hit and run crisis" that purportedly exists in Los Angeles. Some of the more scathing reports of late: http://laist.com/2013/08/22/lapd_detective_20_20.php http://la.streetsblog.org/2012/12/06/l-a-weekly-reveals-shocking-numbers-on-l-a-s-hit-and-run-crisis-and-citys-inadequate-response/ However, the problem with the reporting of this "crisis" is that the statistics reported do not breakdown with any detail the nature of the hit and runs reported to police. If you rely on the information shared by LAPD Detective Felix Padilla, as of August 2013, 16 hit and runs were fatal, but again, no breakdown if the deaths were pedestrians, cyclists or other drivers. In addition, Detective Padilla suggests that many hit-and-runs are likely related to undocumented immigrants, who flee the scene to avoid being detained and deported. I have no idea if this is true, but if true, it touches on a highly sensitive and contentious public policy debate, which, given the state of today's media standards and overall online editorial standards of public commentary, would invite a less than informed debate. Perhaps the aims of the other commentors would be better served if they were to share research and information and raise awareness about the problem, instead of launching an ad hominem attack against the Patch about this particular incident. Why don't they simply write a companion article or editorial? That way, they can experience the thrill of being attacked in the comments section as well.
WakeUpSmellTheCoffee December 10, 2013 at 01:09 PM
Here, more news you can use: In 2011 the City of L.A. enacted the first cyclist anti-harrassment ordinance in the nation. http://la.streetsblog.org/2011/09/27/first-of-its-kind-cyclist-anti-harassment-becomes-law-in-los-angeles/ Since 2011 cyclists have had the right to be their own private attorney general or city attorney, and sue drivers for harrassment. Perhaps the cyclist in this story didn't get the memo, or he decided that road rage is a better way to combat dangerous driving.


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