Billing Decision Expected Today for Valley Village Crash Families

City officials will decide whether to go against city policy and exempt the families of last week's fatal Valley Village crash from paramedic fees.

UPDATE 11:30 p.m.--The decision won't be made until at least Tuesday, City News Service reports.


City officials are expected to announce Monday if they will waive charges for providing ambulance transport to victims of in Valley Village, including two women electrocuted when they tried to assist the driver of a disabled SUV.

"The city Fire Department administration is going to address that issue publicly tomorrow,'' department spokesman Brian Humphrey told City News Service Sunday.

He declined to discuss the details of the announcement or say whether the fee adjustment would apply to all seven people transported to the hospital after Wednesday night's accident or only the two women who died.

Stacey Lee Schreiber, 39, of Valley Village, and Irma Zamora, 40, of Burbank, were killed by 4,800 volts when they rushed to help Arman Samsonian, 19, of Glendale, after his vehicle sheared a fire hydrant and toppled a light pole in the 12000 block of Magnolia Boulevard, creating a pool of electrified water into which they stepped.

Neither drugs nor alcohol appeared to have been factors in the crash, but authorities said Samsonian, now at the center of a reckless driving investigation, may have been racing, although his sister has denied it.

Zamora had been a passenger in a vehicle being driven by her husband, police said, and Schreiber rushed out from a nearby apartment.

In the normal course of events, the people who were transported or their families would be sent bills from the city for emergency services, such as
hospital transport and treatment by paramedics, Humphrey said Friday.

The city's municipal code does not allow automatically exempting good Samaritans or the victims of violent crime, he said.

"We are mandated by the City Council and the mayor to bill citizens for the services rendered by paramedics, and that's what we do,'' he said, noting
that the city began charging for paramedic services sometime in the 1970s.

Residents have some recourse, he said. An individual who is indigent or earns little can ask for a  waiver, and victims can seek reimbursement from whoever caused an accident or that motorist's insurance carrier.

In August 2010, the "Advanced Life Support Services Fee'' was raised
from $1,004 to $1,373 per patient and "Basic Life Support Fee'' from $712 to
$974 per patient. The cost of transport by city ambulance was kept the same:
$15.75 per mile.

george August 27, 2012 at 06:23 PM
This is insane!! Bill the jerk who's responsible for the accident and for killing these two women. Do you really need a meeting to decide not to charge the families of two people who died? A sad reflection on our society today.
John J. Nazarian August 28, 2012 at 04:24 AM
LMAO, " The Armenian " factor again, Samsonian if found guilty of speeding and reckless driving should foot the bill for the death of these two unfortunates. Killing yourself to go to the aid of someone like this is the ultimate kick in the teeth! Too bad that these two poor souls had to die.....better idea, Samsonian falling out of his wrecked vehicle and getting the ' shock of his life '. ' No good deed goes unpunished'..... John J. Nazarian, P.I. desperateexes.com
brainylady August 28, 2012 at 07:59 AM
Im sure he has the money. Most Armenian families are living off our taxes when they apply for ALL the government assitance programs that exist. You go to Glendale and you will see a woman getting out of her Mercedes with a LV purse trying to apply for government assistance, They get away with MURDER! (Literally!) So he or his family HAS the money. Hope the CIty goes after him for all the money owed.
John J. Nazarian August 28, 2012 at 03:46 PM
I agree with all you have written! John
Patricia A. De Armas August 29, 2012 at 05:46 AM
My condolensce to the family of these two women. Sadly, it is not about the money. It's about two lives that were lost due to some careless person's behavior. I agree the city should go after the family of the person causing the accident, if his motives and intentions was to be a reckless driver. And, it sounds like he had no conscious of what or who will be harmed due to his reckless behavior. I say there should be both civil and criminal charges against him. Again, to the families of these two women. I give you my blessing. God bless!!!!!!!


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