GPS Data Puts Accused Shooter At Scene of Youth Pastor's Murder

Police found Kevin Dwayne Green's monitoring bracelet the night he was arrested, four days after the fatal shooting of Oscar Duncan.

When police arrested Kevin Dwayne Green in connection with the June murder of a popular Venice youth pastor, he was not wearing the GPS ankle bracelet that tracked his whereabouts as a parolee.

"At one point, it had either come off or he had cut it off," testified Los Angeles Police Department detective Robert Dinlocker at a preliminary hearing in October.

On June 8, four days after the shooting, Green, 29, was riding in his girlfriend’s car heading home from a party when they saw an LAPD squad car behind them with lights and siren on, signaling them to pull over. His girlfriend, Brittney Lyons, moved over to the side of the road, but Green punched, pulled and tugged at her arm, she said.

“I did pull over once, and then he started yelling and started being aggressive and I kept going,” she testified at the hearing. Lyons eventually stopped her car and Green bolted away from police. Police chased Green on foot and arrested him that night.

It was four days earlier and from Lyons' same white Lexus that prosecutors allege a group of gang members—Green among them—fired a single shot at Oscar Duncan outside his home on Santa Clara Avenue. The bullet fatally struck the 23-year-old youth pastor in the head. 

Based on evidence laid out at the October hearing, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Cynthia Rayvis has ordered Green to stand trial on charges of murder, second-degree robbery, and felony possession of a handgun stemming from an incident in May. He remains jailed on $2 million bail.

Investigators placed Green at the scene of the shooting using data from his GPS monitoring bracelet. Police found the discarded bracelet about a mile from where Green was chased down and arrested after fleeing Lyons' car.

During initial interviews with detectives, Green denied several times being in Venice on June 4 around 10:30 p.m., when Duncan was shot, according to court transcripts. It was after investigators showed him the GPS evidence from his bracelet that he admitted being there, saying he had gotten lost with his girlfriend and her son.

But in a separate interview, Lyons said she wasn't in Venice the night of the shooting. She said Green returned home June 4 between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. She said he looked worried and troubled.

In tears, Green then told detectives he had lost his wife and unborn child to gang violence. He said he did not kill people. He repeatedly pinned Duncan's murder on his friend, Hopeton Parsley. Both men are reportedly members of the Playboy Gangster Crips.

Duncan wasn't affiliated with gangs. After his death, the preacher was remembered for his work to keep youths on the right track.

Based on the officers' testimony in the hearing, Judge Rayvis concluded Green fled from them and lied, he shared the shooter's intent and was "an aider and abettor" in Duncan's murder.

Parsley was arrested the day after Green was taken into custody, but has not been charged. Prosecutors have said they're still investigating the case.


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