Mar Vista Pot Shop Update: Police Issue Warnings

Police are keeping an eye on any work done on a building at 3472 S. Centinela Ave. after a temporary restraining order was issued.

Police say they will arrest individuals who attempt to do work on a building that had been slated to open as a medical marijuana dispensary in Mar Vista.
Police say they will arrest individuals who attempt to do work on a building that had been slated to open as a medical marijuana dispensary in Mar Vista.
Contractors working at the location of the planned Mar Vista medical marijuana dispensary last weekend were removing duct work, said David Graham-Caso, spokesman in City Council member Mike Bonin's office, Thursday.

The work prompted a Venice-Mar Vista Patch reader to ask about the status of the pot shop, which presently has a temporary restraining order against its opening at 3472 S. Centinela Ave. 

Graham-Caso said Capt. Brian Johnson of the Los Angeles Police Department's Pacific Division has twice had police on site, and that contractors have been warned that any further action to establish the dispensary will result in arrests. 

Vernette Griffee December 16, 2013 at 12:17 AM
What are these "Tight-A*S-ed" Mar Vista Yuppies, who've been "toke-ING" sense collage, going to do when we "Legalize" Recreational Pot in California? They need to get their heads out of their A*S-es and do their homework, there are a few Dispensaries in your area that have been there for more then 5yrs. that have never been the source of any improprieties but have continued to help and support Patience with very real Medical Issues that depend on the services those Dispensaries provide. Instead of trying to "Get Rid" of this new location, wouldn't it be to the advantage of the neighbors and neighborhood who also might need the Services it will provide. Instead of jumping to the "Bug-A-Boos" about this place and getting in the way of your neighbors why not be a part of the process that might be of great Service to someone who might live right next door to you but have not related their needs to you because it's "none of your business". Think about it neighbors!
Vernette Griffee December 18, 2013 at 10:03 PM
Harry Chauncy commented on the article "Mar Vista Pot Shop Update: Police Issue Warnings" you commented on in Police & Fire: SO? I'm suppose to be afraid to make and honest "comment" on something that's happening in my own neighborhood? That building has been in our neighborhood for over 70 yrs., I'm 68 and I think I have a pretty good grasp of the History of my community. That building has been a few very successful businesses but the times changed as well as the dynamics of the area and for whatever reason, the location, the ownership, the market whatever the reason that building has been empty for over 10yrs. at least. It can pretty much be isolated from street foot-traffic by eliminating or just LOCKING that small front door and ONLY have rear door access and it's content can be unknown from the street by it's "non-script" BLACK Flat Paint. These "new-bies" to the area, in MY OPINION, just seem to need something to "BITCH" about, like that Santa Monica Yuppy Sect that wants to RE-NAME and CHANGE the Santa Monica Air Port into a "Bicycle Park" because a Private Jet, or 2, land there every-other day! That Air Port has been there sense before the "War" and has played a VERY important part of our community for over 70 yrs. and they moved in 2yrs ago and can't HANDLE the discomfort of that 30sec. span in their precious life to let a plain land! THIS IS MAR VISTA, not Orange County or Encino or Sherman Oaks, if they can't HANDLE it then maybe THEY need to MOVE and let Mar Vista be Mar Vista that's been my home for 68 years!


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