Rampart Crime Report: Dec. 31, 2012-Jan.1, 2013

A number of burglaries and thefts occurred in the area around Silver Lake over the New Year. There were also several aggravated assaults New Year's Day.

The attached crime maps come to us from the LAPD's Rampart Division, which covers parts of Echo Park, Silver Lake and Los Feliz.


The full map (available above) provides data on all crimes for which a report was filed in Rampart so far this week.

The above image isolates the section of the map that covers Echo Park-Silver Lake.

We highlight here the most recent reports from Dec. 31, 2012 to early Jan. 2, 2013.

(They are also visible on the map with lines drawn from background info to their locations.)

DEC. 31, 2012 - JAN. 1, 2013

Theft and burglaries dominated the incidents reported with a burglary at 4:20 pm on 4012 Marathon St. on Dec. 31. just west of Hoover.

Items were taken from a single-family dwelling at 1069 Sanborn Ave. on Dec. 31 at 8 p.m. and on Jan. 1 at 2 p.m. off a patio nearby on 1455 Lucile Ave.

There was also a theft reported at the 7-11 in Echo Park just after midnight on New Year's Day.

Finally, two instances of aggravated assault occurred at just about the same time at opposite ends of Rampart early New Year's Day.

At 3:30 a.m., an assault involving a broken bottle was reported at Santa Ynez and Bonnie Brae, just below Sunset Boulevard.

At 4 a.m., there was also an assault in the parking lot of a club at Vermont Ave. and Melrose Boulevard.

Rampart officers urge everyone to be sure to lock windows and doors, and to hide any valuables, especially those near car or residential windows.


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