Two Attempted Kidnappings in Santa Monica in the Past 3 Days

The suspect(s) tried to commit the crimes in broad daylight. Police say they are bold and dangerous and the public should report all suspicious behavior to police.

The Santa Monica Police department has released the following details regarding two attempted kidnappings in Santa Monica in the past three days.

The first attempt occurred in the 1600 block of Ocean Avenue at approximately 8 pm on Jan. 15. The victim, who was walking on the sidewalk at the time, told police that the perpetrator approached her from behind in a vehicle passed her, and pulled over to the curb in front of her.  

He got out of the vehicle and stood near the car as if he was waiting for someone.  As the victim passed, the suspect grabbed her in a bear hug and moved her a few feet toward the car, while ordering her into the car.  As he did that, an unidentified person appeared in a stairwell in an adjacent apartment building, causing the suspect to let go of the victim.  The victim walked away and immediately reported the incident to the police. 

The subject is described as a male, black, 30’s 6-2, 200-230 pounds, with short, shaved hair and a beard wearing blue jeans and a black hoodie sweatshirt. The vehicle the subject emerged from was described as a late model, black, VW, 4-door, hatch back, with tinted windows.

The second incident occurred Friday morning at 10:30 a.m. when the victim was walking south on 14th Street in the area of Olympic Boulevard.  She saw a male walking south, ahead of her on the same side of the street.  She did not pay much attention to him and eventually passed him in the 1900 block of 14th Street.  

Moments later she heard footsteps behind her and felt the suspect grab her waist with one hand and covered her mouth with his other hand.  He ordered the victim to get into a car.  The victim screamed and the subject ran away northbound while the victim ran south to Pico Boulevard.  

The victim did not see the vehicle involved in the crime but was able to identify the subject in this incident as a male, black, 20’s, 5-10, thin build, with short, shaved hair, wearing dark colored shorts with an orange or red stripe on them and a matching short sleeve shirt.

Detectives are currently conducting follow-up investigations regarding the two cases to include the review of surveillance video. There has been no confirmation that the suspects in each crime are one in the same; however, the facts involved in both cases tend to point that way. 

The fact that the suspect(s) choose to commit one crime in daylight and both on well-traveled streets indicates that they are bold and they are dangerous. The public is asked to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious behavior to the police.  In both cases the women were walking alone.  Women should remain alert when walking by themselves and if possible, travel with a companion. 

If suspicious activity is seen the public should call the Santa Monica Police Communications Center at (310) 458-8491 or call 911 if the situation is an emergency. If anyone has any information regarding these crimes, please call Detective Bambrick at (310) 458-8932 or Detective Ahn at (310) 458-8452 during normal business hours.  Information may also be reported to the Communications Center at the number listed above. 

Anonymous tipsters may contact Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (8477) or www.lacrimestoppers.org. To text an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers; please view their webpage for detailed instructions.  If the information leads to an arrest, the tipster is eligible to receive a reward of up to $1, 000.00. 

Heather January 18, 2014 at 05:31 PM
I escaped what I believe would have been a sexual assault, on Thursday at 330pm while taking a brief bike ride on the beachpath leading southbound just north of the refineries (el segundo) at a rest stop & lifeguard command post area. I was approached by a 21-yr old Hispanic male who tried to convince me to "come chill w h and his friend" by their black weathered Yukon truck that was prob 15yrs old or so? He began w small talk..then told me how hot my body is..he walked away and as I got on my bike he had a scary aggressive approach and insisted I come to the truck so they could take a closer look at my body. Thank GOD there were occasional bikers passing and that I had a bike. I reported this to a motorcycle police officer that was stationed at the bridge departing MDR and PDR; a commercial was being filmed there. He took notes in his phone but I don't feel very confident that a report was made. Not to mention the AHOLE Director acted put out by the fact that I was speaking to this cop who was prob being paid to help w the filming(crowd control). F Hollywood. This jerk had the nerve to ask the cop to move his bike while we were discussing my near miss on a crime!!!
Chuck Mason January 18, 2014 at 10:00 PM
Whoa there Heather! I can see how your run-in w/ a punk in training to be a rapist would get your blood up, but go easy on Hollywood. Don't F w/ Hollywood. After all, a lot of us TRY to make our living in this company town industry. The director didn't care about the cop or you; he just needed to point the camera your direction. Sure, he probably WAS an gaping anus, but maybe the sun was setting, or talent had to leave soon to be at her yoga class. Let's all NOT F Hollywood. I need the hours for my insurance! Now about that young punk. Next time try stopping a passing cyclist, or 10. Phone photos, friendly conversation, calls to LAPD, overbearing inquisitiveness, and crowd strong arm tactics are all valuable procedures in such an instance.
Julie Gibert-Ferrer January 18, 2014 at 10:40 PM
this is why the whole parking permit situation needs to be sorted out! I work with all women and most nights we have to walk back to our cars alone on very poorly lit streets. Have to park so far from work since I am not a Santa Monica Resident and not allowed to buy a parking permit. Which is funny since I am allowed to pay for a parking ticket during street cleaning!!!!!!! Maybe I should ask for a private police escort compliments of Santa Monica City????
Bridget Fitzgerald January 20, 2014 at 11:25 PM
"There has been no confirmation that the suspects in each crime are one in the same; however, the facts involved in both cases tend to point that way." Ummm the first suspect was described as African American, 6'2, 200-230 lbs. and in his 30's. The second suspect was described as African American, 5'10, thin and in his 20's... How does it POINT towards the same person, Kelly? Because they're both black?


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