Venice Man Whose Violent Arrest Caught on Video Released from Jail

A 20-year-old Venice man is released from jail Monday after being arrested for allegedly resisting arrest. The man was skateboarding on the wrong side of the street and a video of his arrest apparently shows police punching him in the face.

A 20-year-old Venice man who appeared to be punched in the face by police in a video showing his arrest was released from jail Monday, according to media reports.

FOX-TV and KTLA-TV reported that Ronald Weekly spent two nights in jail and returned home Monday morning after being arrested for investigation of resisting arrest. FOX-TV reported that Weekly's father believes his son was a victim of police brutality.

A video (see attached) shows four Los Angeles Police Department officers apprehending Weekly after he was stopped Saturday afternoon for skateboarding on the wrong side of the street.

"I turned around to two cops running directly at me and throwing me on the ground, putting my arms behind my back and tying my legs to my arms and telling me I was resisting arrest," Weekly told KTLA.

Weekly said he suffered a concussion and a broken nose and cheekbone.

The LAPD said the arrest was under investigation.

Another WorldView August 21, 2012 at 09:24 PM
This attack was part of a "Special Enforcement" unit, dispatched to Venice. Does the cause of gentrification require special units, and unprovoked violence against people who live in the Oakwood neighborhood? Mr. Weeks was held for 48 hours ,and shuttled from LAPD lock-up to LAPD lock-up - to prevent him receiving admission to bail, or being seen (along with his injuries) by his family. Why did the LAPD send such an aggressive and violent a unit, into the Oakwood neighborhood, on a quiet Saturday afternoon? The plaintiff's family claims that this unit was directed to the neighborhood by Chief Beck himself. Was this just another effect of Mark Ryavec's political demands, for increased policing/enforcement in Venice?


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