City Council Proposes Ban on Non-Rescue Pet Sales

The council wants to ask the City Attorney's office to draft an ordinance on the proposed ban.

The Los Angeles City Council took the first step Tuesday to keep stores in the city from selling dogs, cats and rabbits that are not from shelters, humane societies or registered rescue organizations.

The council voted 11-1 to ask the City Attorney's Office to draft an ordinance banning the pet sales. Councilman Bill Rosendahl cast the opposing vote.

The approved motion by City Councilman Paul Koretz also directs the Animal Services Department to report back on how the proposed ban, if enacted, would affect kill rates at city shelters and its economic effect on pet stores.

Koretz's motion also asks the department to craft a way to distinguish pet shops that comply by selling rescue dogs, cats and rabbits from stores that sell other live animals like fish and reptiles.

The ban on pet sales would go into effect six months after the ordinance is enacted and would be for a temporary three-year trial period.

Kim Nelson April 27, 2012 at 01:27 AM
How cute way to go put those puppy mills out of business !!!!!!!


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