City Council Calls for Faster Response to Crumbling L.A. Sidewalks

District 11 City Councilman Bill Rosendahl signed a motion along with other councilmembers, calling for a timely assessment to monitoring L.A.'s "crumbling and buckling sidewalks."

Calling it a crisis to fix Los Angeles' more than 10,000 miles of crumbling sidewalks, a motion authored by councilmembers Bill Rosendahl and Eric Garcetti demands city staff start over and come up with a better way to provide a timely assessment rather than current estimates of a cost "well over $10 million." The original timeline for completion is three years.

The motion, available here, states "repairs should be dictated by need, not randomly or based on political influence."

"There has to be a much faster and much smarter way to catalog our crumbling and buckling sidewalks," said Rosendahl in a press release, who is chairman of the Transportation Committee. "Why not tap into the networks of thousands of community activists in the city? Why not use cutting-edge technology and smartphone apps? We have the energy and creativity to do this better and cheaper."

Last week, the Public Works Committee received a report from the Bureau of Street Services exploring various options for comprehensive sidewalk repair. The bureau also estimated that a comprehensive assessment of the city's sidewalks would cost "well over $10 million" and would take three years.  

"We can't afford to wait three years and spend $10 million on a study while our sidewalks are crumbling below our feet right now," said Councilman Garcetti, whose office every year executes a street-by-street graffiti assessment in a single day and who is a member of the Public Works Committee. 

The motion was seconded by Councilmember Joe Buscaino.

"Coming from the police department, I'm used to responding to critical situations immediately," Buscaino said, who is chairman of the Public Works Commitee and a leading voice for comprehensive sidewalk repair. "While broken sidewalks may not require flashing lights and sirens, we must address the problem with a much greater sense of urgency, and a focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness."

Councilmembers Tom LaBonge and Paul Koretz signed the motion on behalf of their colleagues Garcetti, who is currently serving on U.S. Navy duty, and Rosendahl, who is currently .

Jeanette Vosburg August 31, 2012 at 01:49 PM
Replace concrete side walks with reusable permeable pavers. We were in Portugal 30 years ago and public works was doing a city plumbing repair under the sidewalk. They simply removed large square stones, did their work and put the stones back in position. We should learn something from the Europeans who reuse rather than fill dumps. Everywhere the sidewalk is coming up we should remove the concrete, trim the tree roots, remove 12" inches of soil, replace the soil with 10" of gravel, cover the gravel with two inches of sand, and lay permeable pavers. This will help replenish our water table and allow for easy repairs as needed. Jeanette Vosburg, 4124 East Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066 310-721-3512. P.S. I capture rain water on site using french drains everywhere. I have photos and video to illustrate the procedure which I shared with the Watershed Division of the Sanitation Department of Los Angeles 4 or 5 years ago and would be happy to share again.
steve August 31, 2012 at 03:39 PM
10 million dollars fro a study, the question is why only 2 Councilmember’s out of the 15 thought it needed to be reworked, 13 thought it was OK to spend 10 million on a survey, and there is the problem. 2 of the 3 Councilmember’s are running for office for the Mayors Job, really! and you think its OK to spend 10 million on a survey. The people that work for the city that come up with that number should not be working at the Cit anymore, they are part of the problem. Guaranteed the City department will come back with a revised $5 million price tag and everyone will think it’s OK. As a private sector business guy how to get it done, he will tell you how to do a study for about $250 and fix all the sidewalks for $5 million. But then again, he's not a lawyer, what does he know! Wake up everyone, these hacks are willing to just throw money away at anything, this is why there is none. We need fiscal responsibility at City Hall; it’s been a long time since we have had it. Let’s stop letting people that have no idea about fiscal responsibility make decisions on spending our tax dollars, time for change.


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