Congresswomen Hahn, Bass Endorse Mike Bonin

Janice Hahn and Karen Bass say Bonin is the best person to succeed Bill Rosendahl on the L.A. City Council.

Less than 24 hours after Mike Bonin announced he would run to replace CD 11 Councilmember Bill Rosendahl on the Los Angeles City Council, two U.S. Congresswomen have thrown their support behind him.

Both Janice Hahn and Karen Bass have chosen to endorse the Mar Vista resident who currently serves as Rosendahl’s chief of staff.

Bonin is also Rosendahl’s personal pick to replace him in order to focus on fighting his battle against cancer.

Bass, a former State assembly speaker who represents parts of West Los Angeles, said Bonin’s track record as a chief council deputy and community organizer has prepared him to be the Westside’s councilmember.

"I enthusiastically endorse Mike Bonin to succeed Bill Rosendahl on the Los Angeles City Council,” Bass said in an official statement. “Mike is thoughtful, creative and he knows how to get things done. That’s the kind of leadership we need in a time of tight budgets and tough choices.  Mike Bonin is a principled and pragmatic progressive who will stand up for what is right and move Los Angeles forward.”

Hahn, who served on the City Council prior to her election to Congress last year, said in a statement Bonin would be a forceful advocate for Westside neighborhoods.

"I have watched Mike Bonin fight for the Westside for nearly two decades, with Jane Harman, with Ruth Galanter, and with my dear friend Bill Rosendahl,” she said.  “I have seen him wage and win fights for good jobs, for the environment and for critical city services. Mike Bonin knows this district, understands its needs and knows how to deliver for it. Like Bill Rosendahl, Mike Bonin has a heart for public service, a passion for his district, and a love for Los Angeles. I think he'll make a great Councilmember."

Bonin issued an official response to the endorsements, stating, “Karen Bass and Janice Hahn are political all-stars. It has been an honor to work with them and watch them translate their values into projects and policies that create jobs, improve communities, and enrich people’s lives.  It would be a privilege to be their partner at the local level.”

Bonin has also received endorsements from L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson; UNITE HERE Local 11, which represents hotel workers, and Campaign Co-Chairs Sheila J. Kuehl and Steve Soboroff.

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Rick Feibusch October 13, 2012 at 05:49 PM
Still not on the strain's subject..... troll away, troll away, and while you are at it, look around Venice - we already won! - and if I am getting old and toothless, since you apparently have been around as long as I have, you must be as old as well - the new residents of Venice have no idea about the political battles of yesteryear - all they know is that they do not live in a place over run with dirt, grime, crime, broken streets, hundreds of junk RVs, gang warfare, and the social services dominating local political decisions. Commercial enterprise and real estate values have maintained or increased in Venice, while languishing or failing in most other places. The new residents are coming here in droves for this "new" Venice, rather than coming here to live cheap and off the grid while looking for the ghosts of Bohemia past and Jim Morrison. Calling people racists for wanting clean streets and reduced crime is a joke because doing so implies that people of color require and desire mean streets, crime and grime..... now who is racist here??? Yes, I will admit to being old (64) and am willing to pass the baton to the new youngsters. You are just old and in the way.... These postings are just about as relevant in the New Venice as the saber rattling between Nikita Kruschev and the John Birch Society (Who?). The old days will never return - now who is the toothless barker here????
Rick Feibusch October 13, 2012 at 05:50 PM
As for this strain, Mr Bonin represents the government that has brought us to this point, despite the self proclaimed "progressive" element yelping to retain Venice's nefarious criminal and unkempt past. Good for Bill, good for Mike and good for the local Democratic party. There are a few groups that want to see a different approach that will be running against a status quo that is not as bad as it once was. It will be an interesting election because we will be able to see how the residents feel or even if they are interested in local politics - and a lot will depend on voters outside of Venice - Who will you support? Or will you continue to use Patch as a tool to talk smack about the people who actually won - sour grapes - sore loser.... FIND ANOTHER TOWN!
Karl Demon October 13, 2012 at 10:15 PM
Thank you, anonymous "Concerned Citizen" for re-posting Mr. Ryavec's independent letter against his political opponent. His keen awareness that the government holds the vast number of private email addresses, to which no private citizen could possibly obtain, reflects that Mr. Ryavec has his hand on the public's pulse for issues that matter most to voters. If our war in Iraq has taught us anything, its that allegations (like weapons of mass destruction) can help keep us focused on the things that matter, like conspiracies. While we can surely uncover facts at a later time, the headlines of these allegations should not take a back seat to issues such as jobs, transportation infrastructure, public safety, or the city's budget woes. Thank you, Mr. Ryavec, for your integrity and your vision!
burned@thestake October 14, 2012 at 11:55 AM
So if things are going so swimmingly as you would have us believe in your post above - why would you want to change "the government that has brought us to this point"? What you think of as a "criminal" past I prefer to think of as a "real" past. You and the Democratic Party seem to want Venice to be Disneyland. If you want Disneyland - you just need to go gentrify down in Anaheim and Santa Ana (where I'm sure you'd fit-in nicely with the racist/authoritarian community). "There are a few groups that want to see a different approach" - yes and the term for these people is gentrifiers. And amongst them we see the small minority who actually call themselves Republicans - and a few who represent the Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman faction of the Dems. These folks are authoritarian left-brain types who do NOT represent the Venice of any era. As for "winning" - Charlie Sheen has a better claim to it than you do. The only way you folks won anything was the old fashioned way - by "cheating". When Bonin supporter, Marta Evry, tried unsuccessfully to use her dog to vote in the GRVNC election - and then sent a letter to DONE and the City Atty confessing her crime of 'voter fraud', we could see that the FIX was in down at city hall. No prosecution - how 'odd'? MLK said it best - 'the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice'. I suppose you're a BIG Lance Armstrong fan too. We'll be back to a progressive Venice soon enough. It's my town. I'm staying.
burned@thestake October 14, 2012 at 11:57 AM
I forgot - the subject of this thread is the weirdness of the Spirit of Venice, myself, and anyone else, who isn't a full-time police operative. Dirt and Grime - are you confusing the Venice of old, with Tijuana? I frankly don't know what you're thinking of. I GREW-UP here. I'm not sure if you grew-up anywhere - based on your childish response and non-sequitors; but if you did, we KNOW it wasn't in Venice. Which again raises the question of why you moved to a place that you so obviously HATED from the start? Were you just 'slumming', with dreams of gentrification? Or was it that you wanted to live in Beverly Hills, but when you couldn't afford it - decided to move the 'hills to the sea? I'm as happy to see that things are going well - in MY town - as you are, probably more so. I just wish that it didn't come at the expense of pushing out almost all of the original families of Venice (many of whom were people of color, living in the Oakwood section - back in Abbot Kinney's day, the "servant's quarters"). And speaking of old chestnuts like Kruschev, and the JBS (all of whom are before my time - being 20+ years, your junior - in physical age) - "Have you no decency, sir!?! At long last, have you NO decency!?!" To assume that I'm arguing something which I never have, is odd - unless you're just a disinformation 'pro' - trying to deflect from what I DID say. "Clean and Safe" as you put it seems to have an "ethnic cleansing" subtext - which your (in)actions confirm.


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