El Zacetcas Bikini Bar Denied Wine License

The Mar Vista bar, an irritant to neighbors, gets iced on appeal to serve wine.

El Zacetcas, a bar with bikini dancing at 12017 Venice Blvd. has earned the ire of its neighbors, who have long complained of noise and nuisance activity around the establishment.

Neighbors organized to document the bad behavior over many months and have won a series of victories against the bar’s efforts to obtain licenses to serve wine and open a patio seating area. El Zacetcas was denied the licenses at a November zoning administrator’s hearing. The bar’s appeal to the West Los Angeles Planning Commission was denied at a Jan. 4 hearing.

Bill Rosendahl, District 11 City Council member who represents Mar Vista and lives in the neighborhood told Patch, “I am very much with my community on this. The stories I have heard about that bar are not the kind of stories that I like to print," he said adding that he'd like to see their dance hall and beer license revoked and for the entire business to move. 

"No one in the neighborhood thought they were responsible neighbors. They showed no respect,” he said.

Rosendahl’s Senior Planning Deputy Whitney Blumenfeld added, “Our office is looking into what, if anything can be done.”

Mar Vista Community Council Chair, Sharon Commins said the outcome was a “result of tremendous community outpouring of displeasure with how that business is being operated.” 


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