L.A. to Reduce Number of Trash Haulers

The new rules will allow just one hauler to serve commercial and multi-unit residential properties in each of the city's 11 zones.

The Los Angeles City Council gave final approval today to a new system for picking up trash from businesses, apartments and condominiums.

The franchise system will divide the city into 11 zones and reduce the number of waste-hauling companies permitted to operate within the city. The council gave the system preliminary approval last week, but because the vote was not unanimous, the council needed to cast a final vote today.

The new process is slated to begin in 2017. It will allow just one hauler to serve commercial and multi-unit residential properties in each of the city's 11 zones.

The city's Bureau of Sanitation handles trash collection from single- family homes, but commercial and multi-unit residential property owners can hire any private waste hauling company they choose.

The implementation of the franchise program could affect as many as 45 private waste-hauling companies serving about 63,000 customers in Los Angeles, officials said.

Companies will be required to bid for the opportunity to operate within the city and adhere to environmental and worker safety regulations imposed by the city.

The new system requires haulers to provide three bins, as the city does at properties it serves -- a blue one for recyclable items, a green bin for organic waste and a black container for trash.

Backers of the program say it will increase recycling and help the city meet a goal of diverting 90 percent of trash away from landfills by 2025. They also contend it will result in fewer truck trips and improve worker safety.

Opponents, however, argued the system will put smaller companies out of business and potentially drive up the cost of trash collection.

Councilman Jose Huizar, who championed the program, was not at today's meeting due to illness, but said he was "extremely pleased" that the city "will now move toward making sure our recycling in commercial, condo and apartment buildings is on par with our curbside single-family program, which is the best big-city program in the nation."

He said the program will create "greener standards for operators, improved conditions for workers and better, more consistent service for customers."

--City News Service

Jeff April 09, 2014 at 09:28 AM
If the Council allows one company to collect its a monopoly . Which means that property owners who pay the taxes cannot choose the best rate . It's big business screwing the little guy done under the guise of recycling . Take something good and hide the bad under its cloak. How many members of the council receive contributions from these waste disposal companies. If they receive any they should recuse themselves unless they receive money from all. Restraint of competution eliminates jobs and costs the consumer or business even more money. Another regulation from a council run by big money
Kathleen Rottner-Pink April 09, 2014 at 10:15 AM
You have for to be kidding me! This is a joke. Our Condo in Brentwood hires a trash co where we put everything in a dumpster and they recycle at their facility. NOT GOOD or FAIR!
Dan Tomlinson April 09, 2014 at 12:15 PM
I'm all for recycling, but this is a terribly flawed plan. Who is going to sort the trash? Currently, my trash hauler does it for me. I can't afford to hire someone to do it and I suspect most businesses are in the same boat. So it all will go in the black trash bin and nothing will be recycled. One step forward, two steps back!
Jeff April 09, 2014 at 12:46 PM
Let us not forget the obvious. We have the city issuing blue, black and green cans. Any bottle recycling is usually removed by dumpster entrepreneurs before trash day. They have a right but lose that right if I am paying the city or some service to haul it away. It's against the law but I see no enforcement but then again I am not going to take food from the hungry or needy. I just wish they didn't rip the bags and throw my garbage everywhere in the process of searching for recyclables which I return personally. I don't have an answer but based on my observation this law is worthy of lawsuits and restraints of trade . Bring on The Apartment Owners Association of Greater Los Angeles and it's competition Apartment Owners Association.
Don Jagg April 09, 2014 at 11:41 PM
It seems like we have a City Council that sits around all day thinking of ways to put people out of business. I wonder how much it will cost us taxpayers to defend all of the inevitable lawsuits?


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