Local Environmental Program Director to Oversee National Estuary Campaign

The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission Executive Director will work to raise national public awareness to promote estuary protection.

Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission Executive Director Shelley Luce has been appointed to chair a nonprofit that works with the federal government to restore and protect 28 estuaries across the country.

Luce will serve a two-year term at the nonprofit, Association of National Estuary Programs, to coordinate relationships between public agencies and private companies and address ecological management issues.

The ANEP supports 28 individual programs in the National Estuary Program, a federal program established in 1987 that identifies estuaries at risk and provides grants to protect the areas. The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission is one of the 28 programs that the Environmental Protection Agency created.

“The National Estuary Program fulfills a unique role in fostering collaboration among very broad stakeholder groups,” Dr. Luce said.  “It’s really hard to get people from different perspectives and agendas to work together on one key thing – protecting our precious estuaries – and ANEP is critical in supporting the National Estuary Programs in getting this job done. I’m excited to be chair of this committed group. ”

In addition to identifying potential partnerships, Luce will also coordinate an outreach campaign to elected officials and increase public awareness over the importance of estuaries.

One of the projects the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission spearheaded includes the lower Topanga State Park berm enhancement that removed non-native vegetation and planted native species, including 100 coast live oaks.

The commission has also been working to restore kelp forests in the Palos Verdes Peninsula, due to the overall decline of kelp coverage that has led to a reduction in sea urchins and in turn their predators, such as the seat otter and spiny lobster. Scuba divers refurbished some areas with sea urchins and introduced reproductive kelp blades to the area. 

The Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission oversees the 266-square mile Bay and its 400-square mile watershed.

Jon Davis March 02, 2013 at 10:06 PM
I didn't mention anything about "LA County GPU" whatever that is. I'm just stating that you are trivializing the murder of more than FIVE MILLION JEWS by comparing Luce to Hitler. Just because you disagree with someone, doesn't give you the right to make such evil and despicable comparisons.
Douglas Fay March 03, 2013 at 05:22 AM
Athena Shlien, you're absolutely right. And all the State agencies and politicians are allowing it to happen all the way up to Governor Brown.
Athena Shlien March 22, 2013 at 02:23 PM
Wow, so much for care, kindness and peer review Shelley.
Marcia Hanscom March 29, 2013 at 01:21 AM
Shelley Luce is listed on the committee to determine where these funds go. She needs matching funds to do the big bulldozing project she wants - matching to the Pentagon funds she anticipates Rich Ambrose's contacts at the Army Corps of Engineers can help get. Shelley and her staff took over the Ballona Watershed Task Force - with simply an announcement at a meeting - no one asked them to - they just did it. We wondered why. Now we see that the water tax money would be determined by watershed groups like this. If you don't see the connecting dots, you're not paying attention. And as fas as the Sepulveda "screw-up" - well, that's how it's been played - but the environmental documentation from the Army Corps said they were going to do a "restoration." These "restorations" that are really bulldozing habitat projects that look like a "screw-up" - well, the public is getting tired of the greenwashing. And that documentation - by the way - was distributed to the public as poorly as the documents were for a similar bulldozer-and-call-it-restoration at Malibu Lagoon. Have you seen what the screw-up looks like there? TRAGIC.
Marcia Hanscom March 29, 2013 at 01:22 AM
Oh - and "list of projects"??? There is none. That's *part* of why the Supervisors sent the tax measure back to the drawing board. No one could explain what the money was to go for.


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