Man Gets Triple Life In Slaying of Supervisor and Mar Vista Woman

Carlos Leon was sentenced to three consecutive life prison sentences for the murder of his supervisor, Adolfo Medina, in 2009 and an attempted murder at a Mar Vista home.

Former Lynwood public works employee, Carlos Leon, who was found guilty of murder and attempted murder, was served three 25-to-life prison sentences Friday during an emotional sentencing at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old Los Angeles resident received one life sentence each for first-degree murder, attempted murder, and shooting at an inhabited dwelling.

Leon was convicted this June after a jury found him guilty of shooting his supervisor Adolfo Medina, 61, and fatally stabbing him multiple times with a screwdriver type of weapon from behind, outside Lynwood's public works building, in 2009. 

Authorities believe the reason for the killing included Leon's long-inhabited contempt for his boss .

Leon was also found guilty of shooting an older lady in the face at her Mar Vista home, on Halloween night in 2008. 

According to the victim, who testified during the trial, Leon had asked for her son.

“When she said he was not there, [Leon] said, 'vengo a colectar una deuda' (I’ve come to collect a debt) and then he shot her through the wrought-iron security door in the face,” said Homicide Detective David Hernandez.

After the shooting, the victim fell into a coma but awoke six weeks later.

The attempted murder was allegedly spurred by a love triangle.

Before the judge announced the sentence, family and friends of Medina delievered emotional statements in front of about 20 attendees who cried and sat somber during their speeches in the courtroom. 

"I stand before you to share how we continue to grieve for our friend," said Deborah Jackson, public relations director for Lynwood and Medina's supervisor.

"I miss his infectious smile every day," said Jackson, who concluded with, "I hope you rot in hell."

Medina, a city employee for 31 years, was in charge of maintaining city parks and other such landscaping duties. Family and friends remembered him for his strong work ethics, cheerful attitude, and helpfulness.

"He taught us not just how to do the job, but take pride in your work," said Velma Winbush who worked under Medina.

As family and friends related their stories, Leon sat in his wheelchair with his head bowed down the entire time.

While once described as a heavyset man, Leon looked distinguishably thinner, having been fasting over several days. 

"You didn't want to take orders, but now you will take orders everyday," said Medina's son, Marvin. 

"To sneak up on a guy...you're nothing but a punk with a gun," said Marvin.

Medina's youngest daughter, Natalia, who currently works for the city, related words of sorrow and hate, saying she could not forgive such an animal for the grief he has cast on an entire community. 

"Things aren't going to be the same, but it's closure for us," Natalia said.

to read more about Leon's trial and the murder and attempted murder incidents. 

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