New Laws With Links to Local District

Did you know a number of state laws that go into effect in the new year were introduced by either State Sen. Ted Lieu or Assemblywoman Betsy Butler?

From tanning beds to baby bottles, some of the new California laws that go into effect Sunday were authored by State Sen. Ted Lieu or Assemblywoman Betsy Butler—who both represent Mar Vista, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Venice Beach, Marina del Rey and surrounding communities in their districts.

Here is a roundup of new laws we'll see next year that originated locally.

  • Senate Bill 698: Job Training and Oversight  
  • Senate Bill 746: 
  • Senate Bill 757: Insurance Equality
  • Senate Bill 917: Curbing Animal Abuse and Neglect
  • Senate Bill 857: Strike Damages
  • Assembly Bill 332: 
  • Assembly Bill 475: Encourages Increased Electric Vehicle Use
  • Assembly Bill 771: Consumer Protection, signed Sept. 1.
  • Assembly Bill 1319: , signed Oct. 4.
  • Assembly Bill 1272: State Properties, signed Aug. 4.

See accompanying document under photo for a complete list of all new California laws going into effect Sunday. (Source: state Legislative Counsel)

Coming up on next on Patch—we'll have a list of the 10 most interesting new California laws.


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