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Relaxed Parking for the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot

The Los Angeles City Department of Transportation will relax parking measures over the Sukkot holiday starting at 2 p.m. on Wednesday. The measures will remain in place until 10 p.m. Saturday.

Following the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur comes the festival of Sukkot, which begins tonight at sundown. While Sukkot lasts eight days, it's the first two days that are religious holidays where many Jews attend synagogue.

To help ease traffic congestion during this time, the Los Angeles City Department of Transportation is implementing  the same relaxed parking rules throughout the Westside, Hollywood and the Valley as it did on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

While there will be relaxed enforcement of street cleaning, time limits and preferential parking areas, please note that meters, tow-away zones and other safety violations will be enforced.

Parking will be relaxed on the Westside from 2 p.m. Wed. Oct. 12 through 10 p.m. Sat. Oct. 15 at the following locations:

  • Area bounded by Robertson /La Cienega boulevards. to Rossmore Avenue/Queen Anne Place and from Romine Street to Pico Boulevard.
  • Area bounded by Olympic Boulevard to Melrose Avenue and from Fairfax  to Hudson avenues.
  • Area bounded by Olympic to Pico boulevards and from Overland Avenue to Century Park East.
  • Area bounded by Beverwil Drive to La Cienega Boulevard and from Whitworth Drive/Gregory Way to the Culver City limits (south of the 10 Freeway).
  • Area bounded by Pico Boulevard to Tennessee Avenue and from Beverly Glen Boulevard to Fox Hills Drive.
  • Area bounded by San Vicente Boulevard to Packard Street and from Genessee to Maslin avenues.
  • Area bounded by Beverwil to Hillgreen drives and from Pico Boulevard to Newman Street (northern city limits: Beverly Hills).
  • Area bounded by Roxbury to Beverwil drives and from Pico Boulevard to Monte Mar Drive.
  • Area bounded by Galey/Veteran avenues to Club View Drive and from Rochester Avenue to Wellworth/Le Conte avenues (particularly around  900 Hilgard Ave.)

Please Note: Parking enforcement will NOT be suspended for the portion of Preferential Parking District 35, which includes the 3500 block of Thayer Dr. and Strathmore Ave. from Hilgard to Strathmore avenues.

  • Lindbrook Drive from Beverly Glen Boulevard to Devon Avenue.
  • Devon Avenue from Wilshire Boulevard to Strathmore Drive.
  • Thayer Avenue from Holman to Kinnard avenues.
  • Holman Avenue from Pandora to Fairburn avenues.
  • Kinnard Avenue from Pandora to Fairburn avenues.
  • Santa Monica Boulevard from Pandora to Westholme avenues.
  • Eastbourne Avenue from Pandora to Fairburn avenues.
  • 3000 block of Westwood Blvd.
  • Westwood Boulevard from National to Pico boulevards.
  • Eastside of Malcolm Avenue from National Boulevard to Hilgard Avenue.
  • Midvale Avenue from National Boulevard to Queensland Street.
  • 10700-10800 blocks of National Blvd.
  • Area bounded by Malcolm to Comstock avenues and from Hilgard Avenue to Santa Monica Boulevard.

  • Area bounded by Veteran to Malcom avenues and from Gayley to Rochester avenues.
  • Area bounded by Santa Monica Boulevard to Rochester Avenue and from Comstock to Selby avenues.
  • Pickford Street from Corning Street to Crescent Heights Boulevard.
  • Alvira Street from Pickford to Airdrome streets.
  • Pickford Place from Crescent Heights to La Cienega boulevards.
  • Crescent Heights Boulevard from Airdrome to Pickford streets.

For relaxed parking in Hollywood and the Valley, please see the attached PDF.


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