VIDEO: Why Councilman Bill Rosendahl Voted to Repeal the City’s Ban on Pot Clinics

The veteran politician makes a passionate plea against a ban that would hurt cannabis patients such as himself.

On Tuesday, minutes before the Los Angeles City Council voted 11-2 to repeal its ban on medical marijuana storefront dispensaries, Councilman Bill Rosendahl spoke about his own use of marijuana for occasional relief from neuropathy after he was diagnosed as suffering from diabetes 10 years ago.

Rosendahl called for revoking the city council’s medical marijuana ordinance, and for clearer state laws to help resolve what he said is a chaotic situation that criminal elements are taking advantage of.

burned@thestake October 07, 2012 at 10:14 AM
Perhaps it's off-topic - but when is the issue ever addressed? Don't listen to the negative voices - coming from this guy's head, Olga - you're clearly paying attention, and actually onto something. The 'canned' denials from the AirForce, on this subject are what tells you it is a real phenomena - if your eyes and brain, hadn't already alerted you to the facts.... I suppose Mr. Richardson is entitled to have his 2cents on the subject - but it appears to be grossly overvalued - even at that rate.
burned@thestake October 07, 2012 at 10:29 AM
You'll find that an even higher percentage of addicts (and non-addicts) got their start on breast milk. And there are many successful people who use marijuana (for whatever reason, medical or not) that never wind up on 'skid row'. This is a fine example of the 'post-hoc, ergo prompter hoc' fallacy. And where can one find the results of a scientific survey which substantiates your assertion? And what are the alleged negative effects of this "disaster"? Crime rates drop around MMD's. Aside from climbing anxiety rates, among thoroughly- propagandized anti-MJ and -MMJ activists, and re-prohibition advocates - I've yet to see any credible reports to substantiate the idea that this is a disaster of any sort. As Linda Lucks might be able to confirm - when the VNC held Town Hall meeting on the subject - the community in Venice appeared to be in a near-unanimous consensus that NO further regulation of MMJ was needed - particularly of the sort being proposed by the City Attorney's Office and City Council. The one voice who supported the idea has since resigned as NC Vice-President. Pharmacies are Federally-regulated (DEA) and corporate-owned in most cases. They don't seem interested in picking-up the slack. MMJ had been legal for at least 10 years before the proliferation of MMD's began in earnest. Neither before or since have traditional pharmacies shown any interest. Perhaps if you advocated more vocally for a repeal of Federal Prohibition efforts and re-scheduling...
burned@thestake October 07, 2012 at 10:39 AM
Well said Linda! I only wish that Bill had shown this kind of courage on the first vote, and prior to his most recent diagnosis. It would have saved a lot of time, money and energy, on the part of patients-rights groups like Americans for Safe Access - which they were forced to expend on the petition drive and counter-organizing efforts; if he could have shown his colleagues their error, then. Additionally - the Council's calls for "clarification" and need for additional "regulation" on this subject seem like a series of solutions in search of a problem... Why should people be able to get Viagra and other drugs over the phone - and yet a far more benign substance like MMJ would require 4 trips to the Dr.'s office a year? Doesn't that seem like an unreasonable, invidious and discriminatory burden (not to mention COSTLY) to place ONLY upon MMJ patients? What logic (aside from the logic of Jennifer Grey's character - from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off") could possibly justify such a requirement?
burned@thestake October 07, 2012 at 11:05 AM
I'm still wondering if the 2 votes against rescinding the proposed ban, were from Huizar and Zine? Zine is, and always has been, a mouthpiece for the Police Protective League, who (when they aren't defending the unprovoked beatings of Venice' Skateboarders of color population) have always resisted, and spoken out, against the will of the voters, as expressed by Prop 215. Huizar's motivation seems to come from a narrow, and virulently anti-MMJ segment, of his district in Eagle Rock - if we can believe him (but if his lips are moving, that migh not be a safe bet). And despite the unpopularity of the Council's action re: MMJ - seemingly acknowledged by this vote - people like Huizar and 'Nooch still seem to be encouraging the DEA to violate the rights of MMJ patients and their collectives, here in California. Aside from their own enrichment (through asset forfeiture actions) - to what possible benefit, is all of this needless expenditure of limited police resources?
John October 08, 2012 at 06:09 PM
Zine cosponsored the vote to repeal the ban, with Rosendahl. I know Dennis Zine to be a fair and community minded guy, and even though he doesn't completely agree with my position for umambiguous legalization and commercialization of cannabis, I know he does read my frequent messages that remind the city council that alcohol, tobacco and sugar have greater health and social costs than marijuana, and that 7500 stores sell those substances in the city. It seems odd that Mitch Englander and Jose Huizar represent neighborhoods that want to restrict access for people who clearly benefit from medical marijuana. It is inconceivable that Woodland Hills, where many dispensaries operate without any impact on the neighborhood, is any different from Chatsworth or Eagle Rock. I hope that Huizar and Englander accept the logic of Bill Rosendahl, and have compassion for him and anyone else who gets any benefit from cannabis whatsoever. It is time to legalize and commercialize cannabis.


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