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Would $3 Billion Pay to Fix Your Street?

Here are the road condition maps for your neighborhood.

Now that the City Council has delayed action to put a $3 billion street repair bond issue on the May ballot, just which streets would be in line for repair in Venice and Mar Vista? Follow the links to find your street.

Los Angeles is more than 60 years behind in necessary street repairs, according to Councilmen Mitch Englander and Joe Buscaino who are proposing the bond issue. There is a good chance that your street is one of the nearly 9,000 miles of crumbling thoroughfares in need of resurfacing.

If approved, owners of a $350,000 home would pay $119 per year in added property taxes over the course of the 29 years it would take the city to pay off the debt. The tax on a property's assessed value would start low and increase as the city borrows more heavily to fund the street repairs, with the rate eventually declining as the city stops borrowing more money. A two-thirds popular vote would be needed for it to pass.

The delay came at the urging of Neighborhood Councils who bemoaned the lack of advance notice and discussion about the bond issue. It was announced last Friday in order to meet a January 30 ballot deadline. And City Council President Herb Wesson Wednesday agreed that the plan lacked public outreach to gain support from the city's 95 Neighborhood Councils.

A website has been launched to explain the need for the bond issue.

Englander and Buscaino say the bond measure is necessary, because the city cannot afford on its own the estimated $300 million annual cost to fix some 8,700 lane-miles of damaged streets. The city budget for the current fiscal year is running a deficit and legislators will be tasked with closing an estimated $216 million budget hole for the fiscal year that starts in July.

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-- City News Service contributed to this report.

Boogan January 10, 2013 at 09:11 PM
Every time something needs fixing its the small home owner who foots the bill. Its so easy to say lets just spread the cost across the home owners, hey why not? most people live in apartments and wont be affected. They will vote for it. It's called voter Indebtedness. I have a common 1950's 1200 foot house. I pay $188 LA City (VI) Voter Indebtedness $17.50 Metro Water Quality (VI) $243.00 Community College (VI) $875.40 Unified Schools (VI) In addition to all the Direct assesments and the multi thousand actual property tax! PS: I dont even have kids.


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