L.A. Teachers Take Campaign for Raises to Parents

Union members passed out pamphlets at schools today throughout LAUSD.

The UTLA Facebook page.
The UTLA Facebook page.

The union that represents Los Angeles Unified School District teachers called today for increased funding for schools that they say are still suffering from the recession with shuttered programs, large class sizes and underpaid teachers.

Members of United Teachers Los Angeles passed out pamphlets to parents at schools throughout the district, including at Roy Romer Middle School in North Hollywood.

Warren Fletcher, president of UTLA, said that 16 months after Proposition 30 passed, class sizes at schools throughout LAUSD remain too big, without crucial staff. He said teachers who sacrificed during the recession by taking furlough days have not had a salary increase for the past seven years.

"Now it is time for the dollars from Proposition 30 to find their way to the schools, to re-staff schools, to bring class sizes back down," Fletcher said outside Roy Romer Middle School, where he says the library remains closed.

Fletcher said it's time for the board of education to take action.

"It's not sustainable and it's not right," Fletcher said. "It hurts kids."

In January, the UTLA sent a letter to the LAUSD school board to ask for a 17.6 percent salary increase retroactive for the beginning of the 2013-14 school year.

"In light of both the passage of Proposition 30, and the steadily improving California economy, the governor and the Legislature have made it clear that it is their intent to fully fund schools, and to repair the damage done to schools by the recession," the letter states.

The last raise LAUSD teachers received was in 2007, according to the union.

LAUSD spokesman Tom Waldman said the district had no official response to the UTLA's actions. Superintendent John Deasy has previously said he believes teachers and district employees deserve pay hikes, although those discussions will be carried out as part of union negotiations.

--City News Service

Don March 04, 2014 at 10:32 PM
Notice the familiar theme They said the same things when the new construction school bonds were passed then supplemented to the tune of 19 billion dollars Then they had the same theme again with the Maintenance and upgrade bonds to the tune of 7 billion dollars Then they combined new construction and Maintenance into a single organization and then spent New Construction Bond money on Ipads Class sizes were reduced, new schools were built, over 700 and nowthey're throwing the same theme at us again By the way a teacher works a 155 day school year. You work 255 days a year. That's 100 days difference. A starting teacher at 50k equates to over 80,000 dollars a year Feeling impoverished yet. You should. You're paying an awful lot for awful performance So paying them for being bad, doesn't sound all that good now does it?
Don March 05, 2014 at 09:44 AM
Oh I forgot. What about the California Lottery where a minimum of 33% was to go to education. The system is fleecing you and if you go along with this you earned the right to this debacle. Tenure, outrageous pensions, workers comp fraud, can't fire incompetence and they feel neglected and mistreated. Somethings wrong with this picture


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