Letter to the Editor: Walgrove Parent Airs Concerns on Selection of Ocean Charter for Walgrove Campus

Troy Takaki, a parent at Walgrove Elementary shared with Patch this letter to local School Board Member, Steve Zimmer.

Mr. Zimmer,

At a Venice Neighborhood Council meeting last summer you told a room of 100-200 people not to pass any resolutions involving the Walgrove elementary/ charter school co-location.  "Wait until the RFP comes out", you said.  "There will be plenty of opportunity for community input,"  you said.  "This is only the beginning of the process", you said.

Then when the RFP came out you said you could not receive any community input, any answer questions or even stay for any meetings.

Then when the Mar Vista Community Council Education Committee was holding a meeting on the subject you said that you could not stay for their meeting because the RFP would not allow it, but  that they would have a chance to have a voice in the future.

At a meeting about the RFP at Venice High we were told that letters of recommendation or protest could not be included in the "Student, Family, and Community Outreach and Engagement" section of the RFP.  That meant that the "Student, Family, and Community Outreach and Engagement" section was only from the schools perspective not the community's.

90% of the teachers, staff, parent and children of Walgrove Elementary do not want Ocean Charter co-locating with us.  We have had a terrible relationship with them for five years.  Having them build a school in the corner of our schools is not the answer.  OCS has been such terrible community member many, many neighbors don't want any new charter school there.

So, at three different meetings I heard you tell hundreds of parents, community members and elected officials that we would have a chance to have our voices heard.  Please email me back all the ways, places and times over the next three months that we can write or show up to voice our opinions.

Thank you,
Troy Takaki
Venice resident
Father of two Walgrove Elementary students
Husband to a Walgrove Elementary Classroom Aid


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