PROP.37 - Victory in Defeat - Losing The Battle...Winning The War


"SPIN" - that great, late-20th-century word.

The art of making something mean what you want it to mean, regardless of what it really means...turning black into white...day into night...dark into light...lies into truth...bad into good.  

We've seen a LOT of "spin" in the hours since the 2012 Elections ended, and we will see a lot more before it's all over.

This article is about why the narrow victory of the "Don't Label GMOs In Food" forces in the recent California ballot Proposition 37 (which sought to have all GMO foods labeled, and which lost by two percent of the vote) is ANYTHING BUT a defeat for those who tried to get the proposition approved by the voters.

This is NOT "spin" - although the opposition will be quick to call it that. This is a statement of the reality of the situation - what has been accomplished so far and what will be accomplished in the near future - and why those of us interested in protecting ourselves and others from the proven deadly effects of GMOs in our food should feel good about the effort we made, and absolutely optomistic about the eventual success of our cause.

Here's a free prophecy : GMO food-lableing WILL become a reality in this country.

61 countries already have mandatory food labeling - and NONE of them experienced any of the boogie-man scare-tactic "problems" threatened by the anti-lableing corporate-conglomorates in their $45 million propaganda advertising-blitzkrieg designed to deceive voters into voting down this initiative).

Currently TWENTY THREE other states in the U.S. are working on mandatory labeling, and it is only a matter of time until information and awareness about this horrific danger reaches "critical mass" and one or more of them get this law passed. Once the floodgates are opened, other states will follow suite, and in short order the entire country will have GMO labeling laws - either state by state, or a national law. 

In unbiased polls across the country, 92% of the public has said that they want GMO foods to be labeled. In California alone over 1.3 million people so far have signed an F.D.A. Petition demanding labeling.

In 2012 over $2.9 billion in verified non-GMO foods have been purchased by the public already. The "Non GMO Verification Project" - an independant, non-profit consumer advocacy - has so-far certified over 6,000 non-GMO food products on sale in stores and markets - and THEIR labels can be found on many non-GMO foods in alternative grocery stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Rainbow Acres and Santa Monica's Food Co-Opportunity.

This is an idea whose time has definitely come, and the days of deadly stealth-GMOs in our food are numbered.-

As for Proposition 37 itself, here are some sobering statistics :

Over the last month, a cabal of deceptive companies (Monsanto, Du Pont (and other bio-tech giants), Kellog Cerials, Coca Cola, Pepsi, General Mills etc. - organizations with a HUGH vested interest in promoting the sales of their own deadly GMO foods) has funneled $45 MILLION into a campaign of criminal fraud which, among other deceptions, fabricated a fake FDA quote and sent out mailers that fraudulently used the FDA seal.

A criminal complaint about this has already been filed with the FBI.

The "No on 37" campaign also used fake front groups and impersonated a police organization (among others) to send out yet more bogus mailers to voters, claiming that the police oppose GMO labeling. That fraudulent claim, of course, is entirely false.

They put entirely false and misleading ads on TV, such as one stating that the San Francisco Chronical had come out against Prop. 37, when in fact it had come out in FAVOR of prop. 37.

They spent a million dollars a day on TV, Radio and Print ads which blatantly lied to consumers - telling them that Prop. 37 would cost the public billions, lead to numerous lawsuits against grocers, hurt farmers and cost the average family an additional $400 a year. None of these claims were true, and none of these things happened in any of the 61 countries that already have mandatory labeling laws. (In fact, the "no on 37" juggernaut outspent to "yes on 37" forces 7 to one). 

Yes, Proposition 37 was (narrowly) defeated. The attempt to mandate the labeling of GMO foods failed...this time.


Change ALWAYS starts with an idea. The "Yes On Prop. 37" campaign succeeded in informing the general public - most of whom had no idea about the existence or the dangers or GMOs - about this monstrous, insideous, deadly and immediate danger to the health, well being and very lives of the population of our state, our nation and our planet.

"Yes On 37" forced Monsanto and the biotech giants to spend $45 billion to defeat the measure. They had to spend this money publicly, and in so doing they had to reveal to the public that lying to them to protect their profits takes precedance over the health, safety and very lives of humanity. In so doing, they have created the beginnings of a public-relations nightmare from which there is no recovering. They have lost the good-will of the public whom they are willing to kill with their GMOs for sake of their profits, and now it is only a matter of time before the public shuts them down.

Remember that GMOs are the only product that the public  can accidentally purchase without knowing what they are buying, and now - thanks in large part to the Prop. 37 campaign - their manufacturers can no longer keep their dirty little secret - that there is poison in the food they are selling you. 

Proposition 37 has tremendously expanded awareness of this urgent danger.

The genii is out of the bottle, and in due coarse this menace to life will be brought down by the very public whose health it appears to be working so hard to destroy.

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Spirit Of Venice November 08, 2012 at 02:25 AM
CORRECTION : Ooops...it should have read : " 'Yes On 37' forced Monsanto and the biotech giants to spend $45 MILLION to defeat the measure.", not "45 Billion". Heh heh heh....


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