What Does The Bible Have To Say About Homelessness?

Whether you are "a believer" or not, you will be amazed to find out just how specifically The Bible addresses itself to the current "Homeless Situation" in our community.



"Give food to the hungry and care for the homeless."

                 -- Isaiah 58:10 - Contemporary English Version of The Bible



The great thing about "Freedom OF Religion" is that it is also "Freedom FROM Religion". 


In America you have the right to reject all religious ideologies, just as you have the right to decide for yourself which - if any - religious ideas seem true to you. Still, a 2011 Gallup poll discovered that, on average, 8 out of 10 people in America have some level of belief in the validity of the Bible and the existence of its God. 

LINK -  http://www.gallup.com/poll/148427/Say-Bible-Literally.aspx?utm_source=tagrss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=syndication&utm_term=All%20Gallup%20Headlines 

So, while the Venice - Mar-Vista PATCH site  is in no way a religious forum, it is likely that most of us who come here embrace the Bible, its God and its teachings to some degree. Even those of us who do not will readily acknowledge that the Bible is perhaps the most influential book in Western Civilization - informing our society's laws, customs, values, morals and ways of thinking. 

Did you know that throughout its pages The Bible makes many statements which - if we did not know better - we might easily conclude were intended to speak about the homeless situation here in Venice Beach?

Whether you are "a believer" or not, wouldn't you like to know what the Bible has to say about our treatment of homeless people, and how God views them?

Why not take a few minutes and read some of the ideas about homelessness presented within the pages of The Bible?



Starting with the book of Exodus in the Hebrew "Old Testament" (the first half of our modern Bible), we find God telling the Jews not to plant or harvest their fields, olive yards or grape vineyards every 7th year, but to just let the lands produce whatever residual crop they will on their own, and then to allow "THE POOR OF THY PEOPLE" to eat that crop. (Exodus 23:11).

In Leviticus 19:10 God further commands the Jews that they not "gather every grape of thy vineyard", but instead : "LEAVE (a portion of) THEM FOR THE POOR AND STRANGER".

While those opposed to feeding the homeless here in Venice have tried to convince us that it does not help, but merely "enables" them, God, in the Bible, does not seem to be aware of this. It appears that HE thinks that providing food to the poor and homeless is a good idea.



What about "transients" - the word that many of those who despise the homeless here in Venice use to describe the un-housed that they are so anxious to have us get rid of? 

 In Leviticus 25:35 (King James Version of the Bible), God tells the people (and tells us) :


A "sojourner" is defined as : "a temporary resident", in other words a "transient". 

Of course, when God says "live with thee", He is not suggesting that you move the transient into your home (although many Old Testament Jews did just that), but merely that you not molest him, persecute him or try to run him out of town. 

In fact, in Leviticus 19:33, God commands :

"…IF A STRANGER SOJOURN [ meaning : "if he lives as a 'transient' "] IN YOUR LAND, YE SHALL NOT VEX HIM"  [alternate translation : "ye shall not oppress him"]


                                              "THE POOR"

God, in the Bible, is pretty specific about how he wants us to deal with poor people, saying :


…and cautions us to :


…He reminds us that :


What part of this don't we understand?  


As you have probably guessed, I myself am "a believer", and I'll tell you :  in times like this,  when a handful of powerful and vocal homeless-haters are orchestrating a non-stop propaganda campaign of fear and loathing against the un-housed of Venice - while calling any of us ("believers" or not ) who have a heart for these unfortunate people terrible names, and publishing our home addresses so that their crazy violent friends can make threats against our lives, it is comforting to me to realize that there is one BIG and Extremely Powerful Friend on our side of the issue.


The Bible makes any number of statements showing that God takes a PERSONAL interest in how the poor and homeless are treated.

For instance, in the Old Testament book of Job, Job says :

"…(because of God,) THE POOR HATH HOPE, AND INIQUITY STOPPETH HER MOUTH" [meaning that evil, itself,  has nothing left to say] (Job 5:16 )

 Why? Because... :


And 1 Samuel 9:18 (Contemporary English Version) says about God :




What about those among us who make "victims" out of the poor and homeless…who use political pressure to criminalize them… condemn them…impound their vehicles and meager possessions and leave them destitute on the sidewalks…who oppose and obstruct the attempts of private individuals and groups to provide them with food, clothes and services…who whip up local residents into a hysterical frenzy against them and try to get them run out of town or worse?  

What is the Bible's perspective on such people?

(Psalm 10:2) : "THE WICKED, IN  THEIR  PRIDE, DOTH PERSECUTE THE POOR : LET THEM BE TAKEN IN THE DEVICES THEY HAVE IMAGINED" - Which means, "let the harm they have attempted to do to the poor fall upon them instead". 

Proverbs 30:14 (Contemporary English Version - "C.E.V.")  speaks of people who :


Psalm 109:16 talks in disturbing tones about :


Psalm 72:4 (C.E.V.) doesn't pull any punches, commanding :


Psalm 82:4 (C.E.V.)  instructs :


And Psalm 140:12 (C.E.V) says :



                                           FEEDING THE HOMELESS

We recently witnessed a heated and lengthy debate in this forum between those who support the offering of food to the homeless and those oppose it. 

Are you curious where The God Of The Bible weighs in on this issue?


in Psalm 132:15 God says : 


Does this make God a member of what those who oppose aiding the  un-housed call "The Social Services Mafia"? Is God the ultimate "enabler" so fiercely decried by them? 

You decide. 


As for all the false statements and false accusations made by "the haters" against the poor and un-housed, consider Proverbs 21:13 :




If there are any "Venice's Finest" reading this, please permit me to say something to you : 

Most of us who live here in Venice appreciate the risks you take and the job you do for this community, and I know that you are under authority, that you have to do what you are told to do - but when you are impounding a homeless person's vehicle because he broke a "law" that says he's not allowed to shelter himself or sleep in it, and when you are preventing it from being released to him until it has rung up such exorbitant storage charges that it must be abandoned by its impoverished owner (with all of his worldly possessions still inside it because he was prevented from  retrieving them),  bear in mind that in the Bible, God has said :


I don't know what YOU call it when you take some poor, un-housed  person's vehicle (with all his belongings in it) because he has broken some trumped up, nonsensical "law" by using it as shelter against the elements and to protect himself from predators while he sleeps (actions which harm NO ONE), but I call that "robbing" and "oppressing" him.

Ultimately you are going to have to answer to a higher authority than your desk sergeant or shift commander. 


                        OPPRESSING THE HOMELESS

From Mark Ryavec and his "Venice Stakeholders" - to Bill Rosendahl and Zev Yaraslofsky - to the Police tasked with making the lives of the homeless miserable - to the residents of this community who look the other way while these persecutions take place...the Bible makes clear that  :


This is not an insignificant matter.  


The Bible tells us that God sees it all :



"He that is higher..." - that's God, folks. And according to Scripture, He's got a LONG memory!



Well, then, what about Christianity? 

Where do Jesus and The New Testament of The Bible stand on the question of the poor and homeless?  

Remember Dt.15:11 above?  "The poor shall not cease out of the land…"? Note that Jesus quoted it to his followers : 

"For ye have the poor always with you..." (MT.26:11)


Remember, Jesus was a Jew. 

He taught in the synagogue, and the Jews who heard him teach called him "Rabbi". He taught from the Jewish Old Testament, nor did he deviate from its perceptions about God. 

He said : "Think not that I am come to destroy The Law, or The Prophets, I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill" (Mt.5:17). 

"The Law" and "The Prophets" are references to  parts of the Jewish "Old Testament" of the Bible (from which the above quotations are taken). He was making clear that he was not teaching anything which contradicted what the Old Testament said, but rather that he was the embodiment of it and had come to fulfill its prophecies . 

Jesus was 100% down the line with what God had said in the Old Testament about the oppression of poor and needy strangers and transients . As a matter of fact...


Jesus had no home throughout the time of his ministry. He used to call himself "The Son Of Man", and he is reported to have said : "…the foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but THE SON OF MAN HATH NOT WHERE TO LAY HIS HEAD." (Mt.8:20) 

That's right. Jesus was homeless. Just as homeless as that scruffy guy rolled up in a sleeping bag in the alley next to the pizza place on Main Street at the edge of Venice. 

I guess if Jesus  had walked the streets of Venice, the police - under pressure from the City Council - would have first told him that he couldn't sleep on the Boardwalk, but that he could sleep on 3rd. Street between 9PM and 6AM - then later they would have trumped up some bogus accusation (such as "defecating in the rosebushes") and run him off of 3rd. street. 

Mark Ryavec would have submitted a blog to PATCH railing about how Jesus was a dangerous violent criminal and the residents of Venice weren't going to allow him to threaten their safety and serenity...and his hand-picked political agitators would have burned up Bill Rosendahl's phone lines demanding that he protect Venice homeowners from this dangerous derelict.

 Eventually Rosendahl would have caved in to them, and leaned hard enough on the police that they would have impounded Jesus's cloak - and later they would have gambled among themselves to see who got to keep it. 

He would have been busted along with a couple of other homeless malefactors (who may have actually been criminals) and probably all three would have been made into public examples - to discourage other homeless from being in Venice. 

Well, you get the picture.


                                  A DESPERATE SITUATION

OK, fun is fun, but there's really nothing funny about the plight of the unfortunate poor and homeless in L.A. (in general) and Venice Beach (in specific). 

It's a harsh, harsh existence and there's precious little relief on the horizon for these folks. Very few available jobs - especially for someone without a shower or an address. Shelter beds and potential housing relief is available for MAYBE one out of five of them…the rest have no real way out for now.

 Hounding them from one community to the other is no answer, neither is persecuting them or making them the object of hatred and fear among the housed community.


The Bible couldn't be any clearer on the subject. 

It directs us to have compassion and mercy on them, to give to them, to help them get something to eat, a toilet to use, someplace to clean up, some area where they can lay down overnight without being molested by the police or victimized by violent criminals or zealous community-vigilante groups, maybe some clean clothes, maybe some medical help, some counciling - and above all, some dignity and respect. 

They are already victims of an economy gone bad, the last thing they need now is to be victims of hatred, fear, scorn and persecution on the part of the community.


The Bible is equally clear about those who oppress, victimize and persecute the homeless and poor. 

I, for one, wouldn't want to be around when the lightning starts landing in the vicinity of those who have made a practice of abusing the poor and homeless just for their own personal political and financial gain.


Thanks for taking the time to read and consider the ideas presented in this article. Here's the good news. You get to decide for yourself what YOU are going to do about it. 

Personally, I think it's time to "stop hating and start helping".



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Peter Nott June 11, 2012 at 01:13 PM
God helps those who help themselves. He also said "I am not my brother’s keeper" He also said "Do you give a man a fish or do you teach him how to fish?" Of course it is heartless to say don’t feed the homeless. Sure, but feed the homeless in some suitable place where there are training programs to (figureatively) - fish for themselves, where they are offered rehabilitations services, job opportunities and guidance to being self sufficient. A permanent solution to their plight is needed. Not continuing to enable this dependency in a location where they will amass in large numbers, camping on the sidewalks and ruining peoples businesses and defecating in resident's front yards.
Spirit Of Venice June 11, 2012 at 02:58 PM
Peter, you are describing the activities of Venice Community Housing Corporation. They provide - along with affordable subsidized housing for low income people (200 families at last count) - job training and counciling, underprivileged youth job training and after-school academic programs, assistance to single and battered mothers and their families, and a host of rehabilitative and social service assistance programs designed to aid the poor and unhoused in a transition to more stable, productive and contributory lives. They, and other agencies and groups, work tirelessly to help with "a permanent solution to the plight" of the unhoused. Everybody agrees that this is the goal for people with no place but a sidewalk to sleep. - What you are not taking into consideration is that the reports from responsible and reliable sources indicate that there are only enough of these services available to help 20% of Los Angeles's current unhoused population. For the other 80%, no such assistance is available. Their ONLY option for now is to continue to sleep on the sidewalk and look for public bathrooms and handouts. - There is plenty we can do for them, and at the same time ameliorate concerns about them "camping on sidewalks, ruining people's businesses and defecating in front yards". It all depends on our political will. It starts with a change in attitude. - It starts by deciding to stop hating and begin helping.
Spirit Of Venice June 11, 2012 at 03:13 PM
No, Peter, God DID NOT say "Am I my brother's keeper?". You are quoting from the Old Testament book of Genesis, chapter 4 - the story of Cain and Abel. In that story, because Cain was angry with God, he killed his brother Abel. When God came to him and asked where Abel was, Cain replied "I don't know. Am I my brother's keeper?" (Gen.4:9). In response to which, God pronounced a curse upon him. - In your misrepresentation of the context, meaning and source of these words you seem to be suggesting that God is telling us that we ought not to concern ourselves with helping our unfortunate brothers and sisters, but - as the plethora of quotations in my original article (above) demonstrate - that is an exact contradiction the meaning and intent of God's words to us about it. - Also, nowhere in the Bible does God, or anyone else, say "Do you give a man a fish, or do you teach him how to fish?". In fact, Jesus gave "the multitudes" bread and fish to eat because they were hungry and, as far as I know, he never taught anyone how to fish. - You need to be careful about what you tell people that God has said. History has shown that misrepresenting Him in the process of putting forth a personal agenda tends to have unexpected and harsh consequences. - Again, the consistent message FROM GOD IN THE BIBLE is to help the poor and homeless and to not persecute, rob and oppress them.
Venice Vortex June 11, 2012 at 09:17 PM
The bible does not say that a community should allow itself to be terrorized by a bunch of delinquent addicts.
Spirit Of Venice June 11, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Nor does the Bible say that a community should allow itself to be terrorized by a bunch of NIMBY, homeless-hating, gentrifiers who insist on mischaracterizing unhoused veterans, single mothers and their kids, physically handicapped, mentally disturbed, working poor, recently jobless poor, college graduates without homes or jobs, abused runaway teens and occasional freeloaders as "a bunch of delinquent addicts". - What the Bible DOES tell us is : - "GIVE FOOD TO THE POOR AND HELP THE HOMELESS". - and that : "IF A TRANSIENT LIVES AMONG YOU, DON'T OPPRESS HIM" - It instructs us to : - " RESCUE THE WEAK AND HOMELESS FROM THE POWERFUL HANDS OF HEARTLESS PEOPLE" - because : - "THE WICKED, IN THEIR PRIDE, DOTH PERSECUTE THE POOR" - and that : - "…THE PEOPLE…HAVE USED OPPRESSION, AND EXERCISED ROBBERY, AND HAVE VEXED THE POOR AND NEEDY, AND HAVE OPPRESSED THE STRANGER WRONGFULLY." - And God, in the Bible says : " …I WILL SATISFY THE POOR WITH BREAD". - That's what the Bible DOES say. - The unhoused men, women and children on our streets are not trying to "terrorize" anybody, nor are they "delinquents", nor are most of them addicted to anything - they are, for the most part, victims of bad luck, the greed of banks, politicians and business owners, and an economy in turmoil. - It's time to stop hating and start helping.
Venice Vortex June 11, 2012 at 10:34 PM
Hey spirit. I help the homeless and continue to help the homeless. I help the homeless that want to help themselves with social solutions, not enabling them to continue to destroy themselves and our community. Where are the homeless single mothers and kids in Venice? They are not here. They are not in the law breaking encampments behind the paddle tennis courts and elsewhere in the community. The homeless in Venice have not lost their jobs, they have not hit a bump in the road. They are here by choice as a lifestyle. Spirit you are the hater not me. I love this community. I have seen too many derelict addicted dirt bags aggressively confronting innocent residents and tourists. They got to go. And so do the losers like you that want to keep our community in a skid row situation. You have no right to call people that want to improve the quality of life in Venice a hater. I have been here 20 years++++. I hate you, you self righteous dirt bag
Spirit Of Venice June 12, 2012 at 12:50 AM
Yeah, "Vortex" (what an apt name), you sound like a person who is out there "helping the homeless with social situations" (whatever that means). Right. You bet. - - It sounds like you have the un-housed in venice confused with violent drug addicts. - Or maybe that's the impression you would like to create in the minds of the rest of us so that your hateful agenda would meet no opposition. Well, it just isn't so. - According to an L.A.Times article (June 9,2011) : - 20% OF OUR HOMELESS ARE HONORABLY DISCHARGED VETERANS, and according to L.A.'s most recent census : - "ONE THIRD TO ONE HALF OF THE HOMELESS ARE WOMEN AND GIRLS - -- 40-80% OF OUR HOMELESS DO NOT EVEN APPLY FOR BENEFITS TO WHICH THEY ARE ENTITLED - -- 20-45% OF OUR HOMELESS ARE IN FAMILIES, TYPICALLY HEADED BY A SINGLE MOTHER - -- 20% OF OUR HOMELESS ARE PHYSICALLY DISABLED - -- 40% OF OUR HOMELESS ADULTS WERE EMPLOYED WITHIN THE LAST YEAR AND 15-20% OF THEM ARE CURRENTLY EMPLOYED - -- 32% OF OUR HOMELESS HAVE A BACHELOR'S DEGREE OR HIGHER - -- AND (AN ASTONISHING) 25% OF OUR HOMELESS ARE HELPLESSLY, MENTALLY ILL - So go peddle your lies about Venice's homeless somewhere else. Most of them are harmless, hurting people, down on their luck without a safety net. - CONTINUED
Spirit Of Venice June 12, 2012 at 12:52 AM
Continued - 2 - And, by the way, junior, I have lived in venice for over 40 years, and I see homeless single mothers with their kids every day. Maybe if you stopped playing paddle tennis for a minute, you would notice. - So, what "law breaking encampments" are you talking about? Nobody can sleep near the paddle tennis courts at night since they established a curfew so they must be there in the daytime. What laws are they breaking? So easy to throw hate-phrases like that around, isn't it? Maybe their mere presence makes you uncomfortable while you are playing paddle tennis. Perhaps if we dressed them in tuxedos, put white towels over their left forearms and had them serve you martinis from silver trays they would be more acceptable to you. - No, the unhoused in Venice are not here by lifestyle choice, as the statistics above make clear. Which bodily orifice do you pull these "facts" out of, anyway? And another statistic from those same reports is that : - THERE ARE ONLY ENOUGH SHELTER BEDS, SERVICES AND ASSISTED HOUSING AVAILABLE FOR 20% OF THE UNHOUSED ON THE STREETS. - The rest have no choice and nowhere else to go BUT the sidewalks. - Here's an idea - let's leave the parking lot restrooms open for them at night. Then they won't HAVE TO find bushes to relieve themselves in. There's a petition circulating on the net and hand to hand in Venice right now to ask the city to do just that. Have YOU signed it? - Didn't think so. - CONTINUED
Spirit Of Venice June 12, 2012 at 12:55 AM
CONTINUED - 3 - No, Vortex, I'm not "the hater". I don't even hate you, I just feel sorry for you. - But I'll tell you what YOU are - in addition to being a hater - you are a liar. You say you love this community, but you are against everything it ever stood for. - Let's see...you say you are not a "hater"...then you use phrases like "law breaking encampments", "derelict, addicted dirt bags", "losers like you" and "you self-righteous dirt bag" and then you say to me "i hate you". - Yeah, I take it back. You are another Ghandi in the making, a regular Jesus, Mother Theresa, whoever...but, certainly not a "hater". - I have every right to call people like you "haters". Your words make clear that that is exactly what you are.
chuck parise June 12, 2012 at 05:22 PM
Who is he, when u say “I am not my brother keeper”....I think that was Cain when the Lord asked him where his brother was right after he killed him! Also please advise where who says and why " God helps those who help themselves" I think that was out of Marx Brothers movie. And again please site the scripture and verse and who said and why " Do you give a man a fish or do you teach him how to fish?" Great council on giving them opportunities for rehab and training programs. In the mean time while you are helping establish all of this ...how about us all giving to their needs and not take away everything they own. NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO BLESS SOMEONE In Christ,
Venice Vortex June 13, 2012 at 01:10 AM
Spirit you are a delusional liar. You are intentionally applying the national homeless statistics to our Venice service resistant homeless population. The Venice residents know that our breed of homeless are here as a lifestyle choice. Not because they just lost their job, or because they are a single mother trying to get on their feet. The Venice homeless is in a terminal homeless situation by choice. They are here because of a political conspiracy orchestrated by Bill Rosendahl, Linda Lucks, and Steve Claire. The Venice residents do not want Venice to be the home, for this nasty group of homeless. You bible people quit throwing out your retarded bible quotes. This forum is not a church. Do any of you losers have a solution to the Venice homeless problem? Your solution is to keep them in Venice and enable them. That is not an acceptable solution for the Venice residents that want a clean and safe Venice. There is plenty of room under the freeway ramps,
Patricia June 13, 2012 at 04:26 AM
The best way to deal with spirit is to not respond. Sorry to have to break that rule.
Spirit Of Venice June 13, 2012 at 05:58 AM
Every time you try to promote the myth that venice would be safe and clean without the homeless we are just going to remind people that the overwhelming percentage of violent crimes committed in Venice are committed by people who live in homes, and that the majority of trash and dirt deposited on our streets comes from tourists and residents. - You don't speak for the residents. They see through your manipulations and lies. You speak for your own hateful and intolerant viewpoint and are so arrogant that you think you can trick people into believing your misrepresentations and supporting your position...but you are wrong. You are a vacuum - without form and void. - "Retarded Bible quotes"? Congratulations, pin head, you have just lost a major piece of whatever small following you might have had. You don't even have the wit to realize that you have just insulted most of the people reading your post. Glad I was able to rattle you into revealing your true colors. Ta ta, sucker.
Spirit Of Venice June 13, 2012 at 05:59 AM
No, no, Patricia...by all means...let's hear what you have to say about what God and the Bible say about homelessness. We're all ears.
Another WorldView June 13, 2012 at 11:30 AM
Nor does it condone a bunch of profiteers from someplace else - where are you from originally Mr. Vortex, becuase we KNOW it ain't Venice - attacking the most vulnerable elements of OUR society. Are you an honorary cop Mr. Vortex - or just a SNITCH? How about you hop on the same bus out-of-town that BAWSTON DAWNA grabbed?
Another WorldView June 13, 2012 at 11:46 AM
"I help the homeless and continue to help the homeless." - Somehow, I'm guessing that they would disagree with you. "I help the homeless that [blah, blah, blah, self-serving, self-congratulatory bullshit, blah...] continue to destroy themselves and our community." So you were born on third base, and think you hit a triple, and now you've bought some property in Venice, and suddenly think that its YOUR community. There are dog turds in the gutter, that have been in Venice longer than you. Sonny Zorro was here before you were - and yet you would presume to run HIM out of Venice. Sorry KOOK - but Venice isn't buying the poison you sell. "I have seen too many derelict addicted dirt bags aggressively confronting innocent residents and tourists." If they did anything that rose to the level of a misdemeanor, then you could (and should have) made an arrest. The fact that you didn't, tells me that you're either a bit of a coward, or that you're a liar, and that they didn't really do anyting wrong, and most likely I'm right on both accounts, from what i've seen. "They got to go." Finally something that wer can all agree upon - that Mark Ryavec, Venice Vortex, and the rest of the Venice Snitch Association, need to find a community where they can fit in - perhaps Sanford, Florida.
Another WorldView June 13, 2012 at 11:55 AM
"And so do the losers like you that want to keep our community in a skid row situation." WE LOVE VENICE. You HATERs need to go back to wherever you came from. If you weren't such a carpetbagger, yuppie-loser, you'd be aware that Venice and Skid Row bear no resemblance to one another, despite the fact that both have an UnHoused population. However come to think of it - both locations do suffer from a-hole gentrifiers, from outside the community, attempting to replace those who were there before them, like some type-of "Bodysnatchers" 'pod-people', and working with the cops to do so. "You have no right to call people that want to improve the quality of life in Venice a hater. I have been here 20 years++++. " Well, I've been here my whole life - and I say he does (despite the fact that you clearly have financial interests foremost in your mind, and that your idea of what is an improvement of 'quality of life' is highly subjective; and in this case quite dubious, based on the proven asshole-ry of the subject in question). "I hate you, you self righteous dirt bag" There you go barney - showing that HE is a hater, and NOT YOU. Honestly, if you 'self-righteous' VSA internet-troll drones didn't exist, it would be hard for people to remember what psychological projection, or Karl Rove-ian self-innoculatory-reversal-attacks looked like.
Another WorldView June 13, 2012 at 11:58 AM
How come I can spot the real locals from the fakes instantly??? It's because the fakes sound like some a-holes from Langley, VA, and Venetians sound like Venetians.
Another WorldView June 13, 2012 at 12:12 PM
Vortex - (you don't have the right to associate yourself with Venice, so I won't belittle the community by repeating your self-congratulatory slur-upon-it) - You represent NO ONE, not even the cops for whom you seem intent to act as a proxy. You haven't been elected to any office, and yet you seek to speak for all of the "residents" of Venice. Really...what arrogance and affrontery. Venice is a tolerant place (which is why I'm assuming that no one has run you out of town, yet). It has always had UnHoused members of its society. Some of those UnHoused people (whom you would scapegoat and paint with a broad-brush) have been much better people thatn yourself - people like Sonny Zorro and Jack Kerouac and the beat poets. You can move under the nearest freeway ramp whenever YOU want to, but you may not remove the inalienable rights the UnHoused, or any other of the people of California, so long as I'm standing watch. Since you are such an advocate of presumptive justice and collective punishment, shall we hold YOU responsible for the alleged crimes of your (past, present, and future) tenants, as well?
Another WorldView June 13, 2012 at 12:19 PM
Good to seee that when she isn't attending the meetings of the "Committee on Public Safety" (an apt title for a group of HATERs intent upon creating in Venice their own 'Reign of Terror'), or living in fear of the well-patrolled boardwalk, that she's still following the news. Of course, the first time that she says something true, valid, or intelligent, we're going to have to submit her name for a 'lifetime achievement' award.
Another WorldView June 13, 2012 at 12:24 PM
"service resistant homeless population" - Whaaaaa! For someone who purports to disagree with Bill Rosendahl, you do a great job of emulating his language. It's pretty obvious what the problem is here - whether its the cops or Bill R., you're the first to get in line to polish their knobs, until they tell you that you're a lunatic, and that what you want is unreasonable, and against the law. Then it's tantrum time...
Another WorldView June 13, 2012 at 01:37 PM
"A permanent solution to their plight is needed." - Yes 'lives not worth living'... a 'final solution to the [UnHoused] question', is the only answer... "ruining peoples businesses " - Show me one business that has been "ruin"ed. "defecating in resident's front yards" - while this May have happened - I've never seen it occur myself - the answer is 24hour accessible bathrooms, for everyone in the community. Access to sanitary facilities is a HUMAN RIGHT. Based on your comments (along with some 45 other HATERS) on the Linda Lucks calls for Civility article, I'm assuming that you are one of the few Venetians that voted for Mark Ryavec - AND LOST. Realize what that makes you in the community, a member of the minority. If you'd been in Venice longer, you'd realize that Venice has always had its share of the county's UnHoused population, and that it always will. I think that your adoption of the (misquoted) words of Cain speak pretty well to your character, and the Spirit has already corrected you otherwise, so I'll leave it at that.
GoodWord June 14, 2012 at 04:26 PM
Spirit Of Venice and Another WorldView I hope you realize by attempting to sway public opinion on Patch with lies and twisted facts to protect the homeless population that you profit from, a population that has harmed much of Venice, it is in fact YOU that will BURN IN THE FIRES OF HELL for the lies and manipulation you continue that harm your fellow man. There is no METH in the Bible, stop trying to lie for your own agenda!!! You should start begging for forgiveness NOW, confess your sins of lying or BURN IN THE FIRES OF HELL FOR ETERNITY.
Another WorldView June 14, 2012 at 04:54 PM
Lies are not "goodword"s, you unrepentant heathen. Your post is really thin. please show how your argument isn't merely a straw-man, meant to confuse readers, and distract from what a well-sourced article and discussion we had going-on here (minus your comment).
Spirit Of Venice June 14, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Doncha just love these loonies who invent their own reality and then try to dictate it to the rest of us as though what they had to say was factual? - We aren't "lying" - never have, and I challenge BadWord or anyone else to show any different. Ditto for "twisting" anything. We are CERTAINLY not "profiting" off the homeless. That is a ludicrous idea. Nobody's paying me a nickel for my advocacy of the poor and homeless - correction, God is absolutely paying me...and the pay is GREAT. - Venice has been infinitely more "harmed" by the likes of Mark Ryavec - in all of his many PATCH alter-egos - than it ever has been by the down-on-their-luck unhoused in this community. - We are "manipulating" no one, and quite the opposite of "harming" people with our advocacy of the powerless and weak in our midst, we do tremendous good - as opposed to the crazies and haters - who do nothing BUT harm. - This cyber-clone ("goodword") is a joke...only there is nothing "funny" about the destruction he would cause to innocent unfortunate people in our midst, and to venice itself and everything it stands for, if he could. - Go back and read the Bible quotes above. They speak for themselves, and they are all that needs to be said on this subject.
Spirit Of Venice June 14, 2012 at 08:22 PM
Readers, - Sometimes, in the wake of all the hateful and inflammatory comments that get posted in response to informational blogs like this, we can lose sight of the simple, innocent point being made, so by way of quick, partial review let's revisit a few of the things that the Bible, and its God, say about homelessness. - "GIVE FOOD TO THE POOR AND HELP THE HOMELESS". - "IF A TRANSIENT LIVES AMONG YOU, DON'T OPPRESS HIM" - " RESCUE THE WEAK AND HOMELESS FROM THE POWERFUL HANDS OF HEARTLESS PEOPLE" - "THE WICKED, IN THEIR PRIDE, DOTH PERSECUTE THE POOR" - "…THE PEOPLE…HAVE USED OPPRESSION, AND EXERCISED ROBBERY, AND HAVE VEXED THE POOR AND NEEDY, AND HAVE OPPRESSED THE STRANGER WRONGFULLY." - And God says : " …I WILL SATISFY THE POOR WITH BREAD". - That's part of what the Bible says about poverty and homelessness. For more, why not go back and read the article again? - Remember, the unhoused men, women and children on our streets are not trying to "terrorize" anybody, nor are they "delinquents", nor are most of them addicted to anything - they are, for the most part, victims of bad luck, the greed of banks, politicians and business owners, and an economy in turmoil. - We need to stop hating and fearing them, and start helping them.
Venice Local June 14, 2012 at 08:24 PM
"What the Bible says about homelessness."? - Good article!!


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