Classroom Intruder Locks Can Save Lives

Saving lives with classroom Intruder Locks

It has been too long since my last blog and I have been struggling about the appropriateness of this topic. Why? Because a blog is not intended to promote a product but to be conversational and educational. But today I am blogging as a parent and not a business owner,a parent who cried last night watching the memorial for Sandy Hook.If what I have to say today saves one life than it trumps offending any accusations of being opportunistic.As a security professional class room 'intruder locks' are not new to Flam's Lock and Key but they may be to many readers. These locks allow the teacher to lock the outside of the room from the inside, with a key, so they don't have to exit the room to lock the door. This is different than a double sided lock because the lock can still be opened with a key from the outside by the administration. This is important because of child molestation protection for the kids and teachers.This lock also prevents the kids from being able to lock the teacher outside the room, unlock a thumb turn, which some schools opt to use instead.It is this simple and this sad that there is even a need for these locks for ANY reason but in these crazy times I am glad we have them.In the past schools dismissed them because of the additional cost but after Sandy Hook there are few of us who can argue with the 'real' cost. This security is not in the 'virtual' world of violence and games that contribute to these unfathomable crimes but they are in the real world and can make a real difference.Yours in Security,Vikki Flam

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Jo December 18, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Sounds like a good idea. After 911 airlines put locks on cockpit doors. We have more crazed people in our society because we have moved away from God, and young people have become loners due to too much internet and electronic game usage; there's not enough interaction with real people. As more and more of our income is stolen from us in the form of taxation, fewer go to church. How can you give another 10% to church when the Feds and State steal half your income already in order to redistribute it. When people ask me to donate to a charitable cause, these days I say No, Obama and Jerry Brown take care of that now. Sad but true...Have you see how much of a car rental is tax now...about 1/3 of my car rental bill. Every time you see the word "fee" it means tax. Every time you hear the Obama and Jerry Brown and others say "invest" they mean they want to spread the wealth from the achievers to the non-achievers. If you add up all the fees, taxes, car registration taxes, etc., you will find a typical family has half its income stolen. Just think if more of this money from the private sector was put into creating new businesses, how many jobs would be created. The Government doesn't know how to "invest"...just look at Solyndra and the dozen other "green" companies that Obama "invested" your hard earned income into.


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