ZenBunni: Selling Chocolates From Inside a Tree Trunk in Venice

ZenBunni brings its organic, raw chocolate creations to a hollow tree trunk near a store on Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

The sign outside Left.House points the way to ZenBunni.
The sign outside Left.House points the way to ZenBunni.
Organic, raw chocolate can now be found in Venice, according to la.eater.com. The twist is that these chocolates, as fine as they might be, are being sold out of a tree trunk near Left.House, 1629 Abbot Kinney Blvd.  

Enter ZenBunni, which crafts "organic heirloom chocolate bars that are free of gluten, dairy, and soy" and are "certified raw, kosher, and fair trade," according to the ZenBunni Facebook page.

And if "biodynamic pink peppercorns" don't resonate with you (they're going to be putting them into chocolate), perhaps the fact that this eclectic chocolatier's shop is inside "a gnarled, hollow tree lit by turtle shell lanterns and hand-painted stars" will help entice you to visit. As UrbanDaddy.com reports, "Walk behind the Left House store and duck under some tangled vines, and there you’ll find it..."

The chocolates are about the size of a domino, as seen on ZenBunni's Facebook page. Flavors can range from chai to chili-spiked Mexican hot chocolate, according to UrbanDaddy.com. ZenBunni even has "The Kinder Bite," featuring "less than 15% sugar, extra cacao butter, and a homeopathic dose of chamomile."


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