Mar Vista Resident to Stage Protest Over Potholes

Do you think Venice Boulevard should be repaved?

Linda Jones, a Mar Vista resident of 31 years, will hold a public protest on April 28 to complain about surface conditions along Venice Boulevard.

After reaching out to Los Angeles city officials, Jones learned that Venice Boulevard is under the jurisdiction of Caltrans, as it is considered a state highway. She says she has submitted several requests to the agency to fix the streets, starting in 2011, and only recently did Caltrans respond to her request for repaving Venice Boulevard.

“I finally got a reply saying that the [repaving] work is slated for this summer,” Jones said. However, Caltrans told her that the work would only span from Lincoln to Inglewood boulevards, and Jones wants the repaving to expand to Overland Avenue.

In a letter to Mar Vista residents, Jones says that “in the last 8-10 years the street asphalt on Venice Boulevard has been deteriorating. It is undrivable, unwalkingable and unbikable in many, many areas between Overland Ave. and Lincoln Blvd.”

On April 28 at 11 a.m., Jones will be at the corner of Venice and Grand View boulevards to protest the street’s dismal condition. If you would like to join her, or to learn more, contact Linda Jones at LindaJones@promotionalstuff.com

Rick Feibusch April 02, 2013 at 03:02 PM
Good for you folks in Mar Vista.... and hope the City responds.... If it were in Venice proper, I'm sure there would be a group of "progressive" goofballs who would counter protest to "save the potholes" as folk art and a traditional part of Venice history... my street in Venice has not been repaved in over 50 years and curbs that are broken in a dozen places... They recently sent crews to rebuild the corners to improve wheelchair/stroller access but left the rest of the street crumbling away....


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