Rosendahl and Bonin Engaging in Illegal Use of Taxpayer Resources for Political Campaign in Violation of State Law

Rosendahl's City Council office is being used as campaign headquarters for Deputy Mike Bonin's run for office in violation of State law. Ryavec asks for District Attorney to investigate.

Mr. Dave Demerjian
Head Deputy
Public Integrity Unit
Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
Los Angeles, CA

Re:  Illegal Use of City Resources for Political Campaigning

Dear Mr. Demerjian,

I am writing to formally request an investigation of City Councilman Bill Rosendahl for criminal misconduct for his use of public resources for electioneering in a city election and the illegal use by his Deputy Mike Bonin of an email data base, developed at taxpayer expense, for campaign purposes. 

As you will see below, Mr. Rosendahl has included in an official press release from his city office the web link to his chief deputy's campaign website.  City staff were used to prepare this communication and a city-assembled email list was used to promote a particular candidate with City resources in violation of State law.

It is one thing to endorse a candidate, it is another to misappropriate public resources - his considerable press operation paid for by taxpayers - for the benefit of one candidate over another by using that operation to direct citizen attention to a campaign website. 

Further, as you will see below, Mr. Bonin also today employed the Council Office's extensive email data base to announce his candidacy and to solicit funds.

Several friends and associates of mine have recently sent me copies of Mr. Bonin's email blast.  They have told me that Mr. Bonin would not have had access to their email addresses except by accessing the data base maintained by Mr. Rosendahl's City Council office, which is maintained for the purpose of official communications from that office to constituents, not for political campaign purposes.  In the instance below, Mr. ---- was contacted at his business in downtown Los Angeles, far distant from Council District 11.  There is no conceivable way that Mr. Bonin would have obtained Mr. ----'s business email address and the addresses of the others who have received his notices except by appropriating them from the Council Office's data base of email addresses assembled in the course of official city business.  Mr. Bonin even sent the funds solicitation to VMPO@ncvenice.org, the email address of the task force in Venice fighting to preserve the historic Venice Post Office, more evidence that the council office's email date base was the source of all the addresses.

These are all examples of the illegal use of city resources and files developed at taxpayer expense for electioneering.

This instance of misuse of public funds, staff time, and resources raises the question of whether Mr. Bonin is currently engaged in working on his campaign on city time using city offices, telephones, email accounts, computers, etc.  After many years in office, it is possible that both Mr. Bonin and his boss Mr. Rosendahl have lost sight of the line between city business and campaigning.

To avoid this obvious criminal misconduct shouldn't Mr. Bonin take a leave of absence from his position with the City?

Thank you for investigating this matter.

Mark Ryavec
Candidate for Council District 11

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Karl Demon October 13, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Mr. Ryavec - I'll see your "Illegal Use of City Resources for Political Campaigning" allegation and raise you: I DEMAND TO SEE MIKE BONIN'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE! I've also heard from reliable inside sources that the FBI is prepared to issue a search warrant on Mike Bonin's home to unearth the remains of one, Mr. Jimmy Hoffa. Keep up the great work, Mark! Bonin's days are numbered.
Deborah Lashever October 14, 2012 at 04:28 AM
(continued....) Mark, If you do want to get elected please concentrate on what (if anything at all) you can actually offer the community that is positive for the WHOLE COMMUNITY and not just you and your handful of "Stakehaters," because all I see is law suits, blame throwing, criminalization of poverty, a huge push for police brutality, secret meetings with city officials, and community contention from you. Not good for Venice nor Los Angeles in general, Mark..... You seem not to have the slightest clue that you are living in a glorious paradise that really needs protecting right now and, as such, you think you have the real answers as to how we should progress. Personally, I do not want anyone who doesn't "get" Venice to have ANY say in how we do things here. And the vast majority of folks in Venice agree with me! (please see next post...)
Deborah Lashever October 14, 2012 at 04:50 AM
(continued....) BTW, Mark, you never, ever got even close to the 100 letters Ira Koslow said you did at the VNC for your brutal motion to further criminalize homelessness. It was only a measly 22 to support your cruel motion to the VNC, and we trumped you at 24 community members who actually showed enough gumption to stay for the whole, very long, VNC meeting to voice our concerns, as opposed to your three. Two of whom gave up and left before the vote....and the last you pay to support you, your attorney.... You don't, in reality, have anywhere near the support you infer you do. By miles! Don't lie to Venice anymore! You VSA Haters are a sham! Mark, even though I kind of feel sorry for you on a personal level, I would ask anyone who cares about Venice NEVER, EVER to vote for you for any position that represents our Community. It would be suicide to anyone who actually loves Venice! That is the God's honest Truth. You are a Hater, my friend. I feel sorry for you but that is the Truth. Real Venetians should NEVER support you. You do not , in any way, represent the majority of us in any regard what so ever! God save you, Mark! I hope, somehow, your heart grows three sizes, like the Grinch's, so you will be worthy of living in the most awesome community in the US, if not the world! Peace.
burned@thestake October 14, 2012 at 12:06 PM
Sorry, it was so small, I slept-in... Did you find any dudes that wanted to suck-you-off? I'll try and make it down, around 8:30-9ish, this morning. Should I be looking for the guy in 'Dolphin' shorts and rollerblades?
concernedneighbor November 13, 2012 at 01:37 AM
Debrah - you and your homeless enablement crew don't represent the majority either. Keep dreaming of the good ole days - Venice is changing for the better. You and your bead store will be next to move (I hope)...


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