Tweets About Skechers Super Bowl Ad

Greyhound fans and animal lovers comment on Skechers' Super Bowl Sunday ad. Is the ad controversial to you? Let us know.

Nearly a month before its Super Bowl Sunday ad was to air, Skechers' stab at Super Bowl ad glory began receiving negative comments for its use of greyhounds racing a French Bulldog clad in, you guessed it, Skechers shoes.

In early January, Grey2K, a greyhound protection group, asked Skechers to trash the ad because it was filmed at an Arizona race track the group believes mistreats greyhounds, and organized boycotts at Skechers' stores.

Said Grey2K President Christine Dorchak, "We are hopeful that the company will hear our concerns, realize its mistake and withdraw this misguided promotion of dog racing."

In a January 11 article published by USA Today, Skechers marketing chief Leonard Armato said the ad would not be pulled, saying that because the protesters haven't seen the spot, they don't know what they're protesting.

However, as is becoming the trend, Skechers publicly released the ad on Friday, Feb. 3.

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Here's what's being tweeted.

  • From DaisyTheGrey: Oh, silly French bulldog. I don't care what kind of shoes you have on. You're not going to outrun any greyhounds. #skechers #superbowl
  • From alanly23: @tweetingmyself They need to bring back the Karl Malone #Skechers commercial.
  • From brandonjmark: RT @ASPCA: Shame on #Skechers: Their #SuperBowl ad promotes Greyhound racing! #uglytruth @SkechersUSA
  • From twilliambloke: If every 1 of the 120K who signed the #skechers petition bought a pair the co. would do $9mil in sales apprx-Messin' w/g'hounds is bad 4 biz
  • From VRONIO: GO cute little moon walking MR. QUIGGLY!! GO!! http://t.co/EDxq2wr7 #SKECHERS #GOrun #SuperBowlCommercial #biggame #SoFetch
  • From Lindsey_Knight: @ManhattBchPatch #Skechers #SuperBowl ad on #ManhattanBeach Patch now. http://t.co/m66s62yI LOVE this commercial! Adorable! @LuannLee :))
  • From pxp_organizing: What? That's awful! RT @ASPCA: Shame on #Skechers: Their #SuperBowl ad promotes Greyhound racing! #uglytruth @SkechersUSA

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