Burlesque Hula Show Filmed in Venice Firehouse

LAFD has launched a professional standards investigation as a result.

The Los Angeles Fire Department Professional Standards Division has launched an investigation into a burlesque hula hoop video featuring a semi-clad woman dancing at a fire station in Venice last week, according to an LAFD spokesperson. 

The video shows was shot at LAFD Fire Station 63, located at 1930 Shell Ave. by Venice-based hula hoop company Hoopnotica. It shows a woman’s bare legs slipping into a firefighter’s turnout gear and then hula hooping in jean shorts and red heels next to the fire truck. 

"We're going to have a thorough investigation. We'll get all the facts out, and then once we get that, we'll adjudicate it accordingly," Fire Chief Brian Cummings said.

The video was produced by a Venice-based company called Hoopnotica that sells hula hoops and other gear and markets hooping classes.

A caption below the company's YouTube video stated, "Hooping with our Hometown Heroes, our local Firemen! Hooping is the fun, playful way to get moving and burn up to 400-600 calories per hour (according to the American Council on Exercise). Pick up a Hoop today to burn fat, have fun, and sculpt a waistline hot enough to set off fire alarms. Get out and Play!"

In 2011, a video that had been shot earlier with members of the same fire station in Venice surfaced showing a woman taking her top off while standing on and near a fire engine at Venice Beach.

Last October, Cummings admitted taking part in a photo shoot with a bikini-clad woman on a department fire truck at the same Venice station 14 years ago.

"I apologize to the residents of Los Angeles, Mayor (Antonio) Villaraigosa and the brave men and women of the Los Angeles Fire Department for this incident," Cummings said last year. He called his part in the photo shoot "irresponsible and inappropriate" and said he came forward with the picture for accountability.

"To be able to use my personal experience of what happened to me to be able to help my young firefighters, to keep them from making the same type of mistake is invaluable," Cummings said last October.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, the young woman in the hula-hooping video, Delila Santos, 21, called the most recent video "totally harmless."

"We were just having fun hooping," Santos told The Times.

Rick Feibusch December 05, 2012 at 02:29 PM
Professional standards??? Investigation??? WHAT A WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY!!! When I heard about this I expected to see a stripper doing a pole dance with the drop pole wearing nothing but a fireman's hat and boots... instead, I got a cute little girl with a Hula Hoop.... The City of LA does not deserve to be in charge of Venice because they just don't get it!!!........
Sandi December 05, 2012 at 07:19 PM
This is ridiculous. Don't waste time on an investigation for this. Surely there are more important things to do. It's not against the law to have fun.
Deborah Lashever December 08, 2012 at 08:43 PM
This is just silly. I know someone who was there at the time and she said it was totally innocent and most of the Firemen weren't even paying attention to the Hoopers. Please use our taxes for more important issues.
burned@thestake December 18, 2012 at 11:48 AM
Wow Rick, for once we can slide a credit card between your position and Mark Ryavec's. KTLA news was looking for someone - anyone - to have something bad to say about this non-issue (probably being raised by the Chief to deflect from the heat he's receiving over response times and past statements) - and the only one they could find was Herr Ryavec. He had some typically off-the-mark comment about response times, and how this was somehow indicative about what was "wrong" with the Department. Look closely at the video - no alarms going off, then. Having spent much of a night next to the Station in question - during the Sleep-out with and for the UnHoused - I can assure you and everyone else, that these guys are quite professional and busy, when they have a call. In the meantime, contact with the community of this sort is nothing but good PR. And I guess that "semi-clad" is just a perjorative for fully-clothed. This is Venice in the summer (or fall), after-all. Shorts and a t-shirt might even be over-dressed under some circumstances. Good point about the City of LA, though. I never thought that I'd see the day when you'd be an advocate for a 'Free Venice', Rick. The politics of Venice being what they are, I'm not sure how happy you'd be with 'Home Rule' in Venice either, however.


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