L.A. City Council Postpones Urban Beekeeping Vote Till February

The City Council wants to overturn the beekeeping prohibition in residential areas to 'foster a healthier bee population,' which has been in decline.

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The Los Angeles City Council put off a vote Tuesday on allowing people to keep beehives in their yards.

The scheduled vote was put off until next month to accommodate other items on today's agenda, an aide to City Councilman Jose Huizar said.

Huizar chairs the Planning and Land Use Management Committee, which last month called for city staff to report back in 60 days on the best ways to allow "beekeeping" activity in single-family residential areas.

City Council members who want to overturn the city's prohibition on beekeeping in those areas said promoting the practice will "foster a healthier bee population."

The bee population has been reported to be "in steep decline," prompting concerns that the local economy and the state's agricultural industry could be negatively affected, according to a related motion introduced last month by Huizar.

His motion calls for city staff to come up with "humane and non- lethal" ways to relocate or remove unwanted bee hives to serve as alternatives to existing methods used by government agencies, "given the usefulness of bees to California's agricultural industry and the growing popularity of urban beekeeping."

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Juan Jones January 16, 2014 at 11:10 AM
"SEX SCANDAL"... PEOPLE IN LOS ANGELES NEED TO KNOW. Anyone with a sister or mother should read this. Yes...everyone. I have no political agenda...just stating the truth. Los Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar is not telling the truth. He is trying to say his relationship with Francine Godoy was consensual to continue his career,as many politicians have done before him. If the truth came out, which is that he used his position to harass and torment this poor girl, his life/marriage would be over.The fact is, Francine Godoy was a victim and is now being portrayed as a home wrecker because huizar "admitted to an affair" which just isn't true. People are just stuck on her salary...in the public sector, if a guy over 7 years worked his way up the corporate ladder, it wouldn't be a big deal. When she was first brought on, she was hired well below her skill set. Once that was noticed, she was given more responsibility and pay to retain her. All this girl did was work hard and kept her honor the whole time. Anonymous posters on blogs who made up rumors years ago were just jealous of her and in competition. .... Don't be fooled ...Jose is a scum bag. FYI Huizar's poor wife knows the truth but is remaining silent because she needs him to work to support her and their kids. Sincerely-someone who knows


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